Merry Christmas, Y’all!

Merry Christmas 2012

I was only going to share a quick Merry Christmas and let that be it for the day.  But God had a different way planned for me today.  Crazy that I’m publishing a post on the day we set aside to honor Jesus.  But He’s given me the word, the prompting, and the time.  Our teens are still asleep – and will probably sleep half the day now that the excitement of childhood Christmas mornings is in the past (if you have teens, you know what I mean).

God has given me something interesting to ponder this morning that I feel He wants me to share.  Women don’t get much credit when it comes to our fall to sin, thanks to Eve.  Do you ever get the blame for it?  In passing, sometimes you hear, “Well, if Eve hadn’t given in to temptation and eaten that fruit, we’d still be in the Garden.”  That sort of thing.

As I read Morning & Evening by Charles Spurgeon this morning, the December 25th “morning” segment, of course, he reminded me that woman was given the credit for ushering into existence the remedy for the fall that she began – Christ.  The fulfillment of the promise was “through the seed of a woman”, and not the offspring of the man.

I’ve never considered the point Spurgeon brought out in this writing, that “woman led the way in the sin which brought forth Paradise lost, she, and she alone ushers in the Regainer of Paradise”.  Wow!  Somehow, reading about woman’s role in both events in the same sentence had a greater impact on me.  What a gift, y’all.

Isn’t it wonderful to be a woman?  His woman. Now, when people make their comments about women being the blame for the fall, we can respond by reminding them that the Redeemer of that fall to sin was also brought through a woman. God completes everything for His good, regardless of our sin.  He makes the way.   And I’m thankful for it, y’all!

Merry Christmas!