How to “No-Stress” Your New Year Ahead

Last year about this time, I shared two posts about prioritizing your life and organizing your year for 2016.  It may seam like a huge task, but I found it to be well worth the effort.

Granted, I didn’t achieve everything I set out to do this year.  But, I accomplished much more than ever before and even added unexpected things along the way!

A huge bonus with this process is that you can regularly accomplish tasks without stress.

Have you heard this quote?

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Did you follow those posts last year and go through the process for 2016?

Having a plan doesn’t mean you won’t have bumps along the way.  But, you’ll be better prepared to do things on your calendar those days when life is calm and normal and get back on track quickly after interruptions.

When you have a family, you know first-hand how things get added to your schedule randomly – and your  priority may suddenly not be the  priority.  Other things can top our list unexpectedly.  But that’s OK.

We make adjustments.  We’re flexible.  We’re women, and that’s what we do.
We put family first.

You can allow for some of those upheaval times in your overall schedule and move things around on your calendar to get the things done that matter the most.

Earlier this year, a friend shared that she went through the processes of those posts.  She was adding a new teaching responsibility into her schedule and really needed to organize it all for the best outcome for her family and students.  (And to minimize stress!)  I was very glad to hear the information in my 2016 posts helped her as much as it did me.

I put everything into a convenient e-book for you.  I won’t go into huge detail all over again in this post.  You’ll make better use of your time to download this e-book and start the process right away.  I think you’ll see a huge difference in de-stressing your schedule in 2017.

Get More Done!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  I’m taking time this week to get my house back in order – and get my calendar set for 2017.

Have you wished for a way to organize your schedule better?  Want to give this a try this year?

Please let me know if you have questions at all.  I’ll see you in the new year!  🙂













  1. robin says

    My husband has been talking “organization” for years. In order to move to the next “level” you have to be able to organize what you have. That goes the same for budgeting. God won’t give you more until you show you can manage what He already gave you. Sometimes we have to LOSE some things in order to wake up. Been there…more than I like to remember. LOL

    Our tree will be up at least til New Years. The Christmas decs will be switched out for winter decs. Here come all my snowmen!!!! Whoohoo!

    We took a break from the basement after our last big night of painting where we got a lot done. Since hubby went “viral” last week …the night we painted…he was out of commission for a few days as far as doing anything big. We did have him on a ladder getting Christmas decs down in the garage though. But nothing more. He would have gotten mad if I was up there getting that heavy tub. He is def a manly man so ya gotta let him do the manly tasks when he is home. When he isn’t here…well…he knows not what big things get moved and lifted, and by whom. :-0

    Quincy got new toys and tore up a few of them Christmas day!!! That guy missing 4 bottom front teeth can sure chew a hole in a toy FAST!! I have to send u the pix. They are too funny. I’m tellin ya…it wasn’t even 3 hrs and the duck had his guts eaten out…Q was eating his fluff, Santa’s arm was hanging off, and the reindeer had holes in his head. hahahaha

    This week I’m working on a cover for part of a stroller seat. I cleaned the stroller and fabric with mold killer, then washed the cloth seat and belts in the washer with detergent, then a 2nd time with vinegar. Fortunately mold can be killed. Unfortunately mold leaves stains. I learned a lot with a moldy basement. So the stain on the fabric is gross and noticeable …and I don’t want people stopping her and saying “Oh you have mold on the stroller! That is not healthy!” And she would have to tell them the deal over and over. The fabric is dark gray, light gray, and neon green. The stain is on the light gray. Of course!!! I thought about dark gray dye. Rit has a new dye for synthetics. But I didn’t want to chance getting it on the green fabric and messing it all up.

    So I am making a slip cover of sorts to cover the stained part. Not a whole seat cover…that would be extremely time consuming becuz the seat has so many holes for belts and has armrest covers attached. So…simple it is…just to cover the back of the seat…still gotta make a few holes, though. She will be grateful for a good stroller so she won’t mind at all.

    I was at Jo-Ann’s. I grabbed up clearance ribbon and will be ready to make a bazillion ribbon trees for next year!!! Other than that I was good…I only bought the fabric I needed…no going hog wild on the half off red ticket fabrics. ST was talking to me like she does the dog when he is lolly gagging…in a sweet soft voice like she is talking to a baby ” Come on. Come on” And she would pinch my coat and tug me along. It was so funny. I am like a kid in a toy store. LOL

    We visited MOM’s Organic Market for the 1st time while out that way…OOOH MY GOODNESS! We found vegan cream cheese made from almonds. And it is FABULOUS!!! We will def be going back there every once in a while when I go to Trader Joe’s to get Q’s dog food once a month. I’m trying goat’s milk. I might be able to tolerate it. I also got goat cheese. I’m being hopeful.

    I hope your holiday was wonderful!!!

    • says

      You’re doing a great thing in covering those mildew stains. Absolutely, people will comment on it. I also thought of chalk paint with a fabric medium added to it. It’s not nearly as soft, though. That market sounds like your kind of place…glad you found it. Fingers crossed on the goat milk and cheese. Oh, and try to control chewy Quincy, will you? Ha! Happy snowman decorating. 🙂

  2. says

    Thanks Kim, I am going to download the EBook. My life will be changing for the better. I will be keeping our granddaughter 4 days a week for about 4 hours each day…I am so excited! I will be changing my blogging, I am sure, but God has given me this wonderful gift!
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