Hold Those Drapery Panel Returns Securely – the easy way!

Want to see an easy way to secure panel returns?

Managing Panel Edges

We want to keep our drapery panel returns at a nice, crisp angle from the wall.  My goal is to always find the most efficient and economical way of accomplishing a task, and with minimal supplies.

This is the returned edge of the 5″ pleated panels I made for the family room recently.  With pole rods, there’s no way to secure the outer panel edge like with some other types of rods.

Curtain Panel Before Securing

Flip to the reverse side of your panel and place a drapery pin about 1/2 inch from the side and top edges.

Drapery Pin Placed

Be sure your pin is only through the back side and doesn’t show on the front of the panel.

Hold your fabric edge to the correct placement and mark the wall where the screw head should cup under  the drapery hook.  Attach the screw and leave it extended 1/4″ from the wall.

Attaching Screw

There’s no need to find a stud since the curtain rod holds the weight of the curtain.

Fold the pin inward – away from the panel edge – and hook over the screw.

Drapery Hook over Screw

Is that not the easiest thing ever?

Correct Look of Panel Return

Feel free to share with the world and PIN this image.  😉

Manage Panel Returns the Easy Way!

Hold on…it gets even better.  Remember the panels I made for the master?  I took this picture after making the Hobbled Shades.

DIY Hobbled Roman Shades

New Bedroom Draperies – Phase Two (Hobbled Shades)

And then the mitered edge pillow shams.

New Pillow Shams with Flange

Making the Master Pillow Shams

I didn’t secure the panel edge for a while, but then I realized they were sagging.  Lucky me, and quite by accident, I hung the outer brackets at just the right location for this little trick:

Drapery Panel Attachment

Yep!  Just insert the pin and hook it right over that bottom screw.  You can’t get any  easier than that!

Now, please tell me.  Have you ever seen an easier, more efficient and economical way to secure your panel returns?


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  1. Iris says

    Thanks so much for all of your sewing posts. I know how to sew and have even done large projects but I have gotten so much information from your posts. Thanks again.

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      That’s very sweet, and you are welcome! I’m glad you’ve found information that’s valuable to you. I hope you’re signed up to receive posts by email so you won’t miss any in the future. 🙂

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      Jann, I’m surprised! It’s great to know I do something like you because your work always looks very neat. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I agree with all and especially Diane. You are just brilliant…… you give the best of the best, Great, just brilliant and I am so going to share this… I have some that will love this idea.