Love is Stronger

Do you need encouragement today?  Is your world under a cloud?

Life is hard.  Sometimes things happen that we think we can’t endure.

Romans 12:12

Do you feel helpless?  Do you need hope when you feel life is hopeless?

When you find it hard to hang on to your faith, that’s when you need God the most.

Don’t let go.  He understands.  He loves you, and He’ll get you through.

We praise God in the valleys and on the hilltops.  We thank Him for sending Jesus for our redemption…and the Holy Spirit as our constant guide.  The Lord is our strength and comfort.

Let’s thank the Lord on this spectacular Sunday for His ever faithful love and care.

Praise Him from Whom all blessings flow.




  1. Foncie Bullard says

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Jason Crabb through my dear friend Andy Andrews. Go to to check out his books. Awesome reads. You will be inspired and uplifted. Andy has toured with the Gaither Brothers Troupe! Appreciate your blog. Keep it up! Foncie

    • says

      That’s wonderful! Jason Crabb is very talented. I’ll check out that Andy Andrews site. Thanks for the link. 🙂

  2. Robin says

    Thank you Kim for not being ashamed to share your faith! In today’s world what is wrong is now right, and what is right is now wrong (not politically correct). We need more people to share that GOD IS GOOD…ALL the time!

    • says

      Thank you for your support, Robin. Our pastor talked about the shield of faith yesterday and how the Roman shield had a hook on the side so they could hook them together for group protection. Isn’t that a beautiful picture of Christians standing together boldly but with protection?