Getting Through Means Looking Up

Through several avenues, God brought me to consider loss  and desire  this week.

Every single one of us has suffered loss, or losses.  As we go through life, we grieve over losses of lives, relationships, and sometimes we grieve over loss of things, opportunities, dreams.  Homes are lost, we lose employment, a diagnosis halts us, and on and on it goes.  It’s called life, and sometimes it just plain stinks.

Maybe you’ve recently suffered a loss.  Your life is now different.

After a loss, the only thing we desire is for things to be as they were before the loss.  The one thing we now have to accept is the one, and pretty much only, thing we desire.  It’s that.

Do you find it hard to desire anything different  than what you lost?  Desiring something new speaks of hope, a future…

Isaiah 37:4Image Source

Since you can no longer have that, can you name a desire of your heart other than what you lost?

To navigate our way to desiring again, let’s look at the process.





First, we suffer loss.  Healing comes next, but in order to heal, we must allow time to grieve the loss.  There’s a lot of pain there, many tears, some anger, some regret, and long-suffering.

Loss brings change in our circumstances.  To come to terms with our suddenly different life, we wallow in sorrow, and that’s OK and necessary – for a time.  It’s part of the process.  Here’s the thing that I’ve found.

To find healing, we must involve the Lord in our grief.

That means telling Him about your pain, crying to Him, sharing your feelings with Him.  He knows  us.  He knows our pain already, but sharing it with him one-on-one brings a release – to us.

Peace.      Healing.      Balm.

The getting through grief to healing boils down to one thing:  Look to the Lord.  He is our salve.

In our grief, we must learn to worship again – tearfully, painfully, turning our eyes to Him.

It takes time and healing to regain hope.  Jesus brings us back from the depths of loss and sadness.  Abiding with Him brings healing.  He is  our Hope.

Hope  speaks of the future, of looking to what’s ahead.

Hope isn’t a word associated with the past, so stop looking there!

While I’d not yet finished wrapping my head around the conglomerate of passages from this week, a dear friend emailed me.  She shared the Psalm 37:4 verse and some definitions of delight.

Delight (a summary)

noun: delight
1. 1.
great pleasure.

synonyms: please greatly, charm, enchant, captivate, entrance, thrill; More
gladden, gratify, appeal to; take pleasure in, revel in, luxuriate in, wallow in, glory in; More
adore, love, relish, savor, lap up; entertain, amuse, divert.

When I abide in the Lord, He captivates me, He pleases me greatly, charms me, and is  enchanting.  Abiding and delight in the Lord go hand in hand.

Ironically, the circle in this image represents to me the circle of loss, healing, hope, desire – in life and for life.

Isaiah 37:4Image Source

When we abide and delight in the Lord, he brings us from loss through healing to hope.  Once we can hope, we consider desire once again.  When delighting in Him, we find that the desires of our heart have more to do with Him  than things of this earth.  We desire His glory in all things.  We desire His will for our life…to have the life He provides and contentment in it.

Delight in Jesus Circle

He’s all in it, in every part of the circle – if we include Him – and He brings life again.

Have you come full circle from your loss?  You’ll live to desire again…just turn your eyes to Jesus every day.

Let’s Praise Him on this spectacular Sunday!


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  1. Robin says

    What a nice end to my day! My fave scripture verse! And it’s not my fave becuz “I” chose it. It’s my fave becuz GOD gave it to me (Back in 2011)!

    I did exactly what it said and my life did a 180! He blessed me with more than I had ever hoped for! He blessed me with what HE wanted for me. And it is super awesome! 🙂

    I thank him MANY times a day…it’s still very NEW in my mind, even after a few years…I am amazed each time I look at this wonderful man….or think about him…and think of this wonderful life…a life beyond what I dreamed….and we have only just begun!

    GOD did this! I just did what He said to do. It was not that hard a concept! But as humans we are stubborn. We want what we want. We THINK we want what we HAD, what we lost. When we are far enough away from it we sometimes have to shake our head and think “I wanted THAT???! LOL” …cuz the place He brought us to is SOOOOOOO much better!!!

    We have to remember that we need not UNDERSTAND why. And God does not work in OUR time. He is eternal so even waiting 14 years (like I did) for a blessing is nothing to Him. I had to go through a lot of hell on earth to get where I am today! I now see why. Back then I just could not see it. I needed to BE READY for it. If God gives you what He wants to bless you with BEFORE you are ready you just mess it all up.

    I had more loss than I THOUGHT I could handle. (God gave my strength TOO much credit, I think. LOL)

    We had a tremendous amount of hardship. Add health issues in there and it was sometimes unbearable. But look what GOD DID! I now have a wonderful godly husband and a nice home (with a basement! Whooohooo!), and we live in a QUIET PEACEFUL neighborhood! And YES, I could yell at the top of my lungs and the neighbors would not hear me! LOLGod is going to heal me REAL SOON of all these nonsensical health issues that doctors don’t want to help me with.

    I never failed to recognize and THANK HIM for all the times HE STEPPED IN amidst the chaos. If you study some of what John Paul Jackson taught on JUSTICE…getting back what the devil stole from you and your family….you will see that if you OBEY and ask God to do it, He will. Look it up…it is worth learning! My husband went through marital and financial and job loss….so he is due some things too. He never had kids of his own. So…we await justice for all that was unjustly taken from us! God is going to give us MORE than what what taken away!!!

    Praise God through the hard patches….he is just preparing you for a blessing!!! God first tests thoroughly those he is going to use greatly! Charles Stanley said that in the Life Principles Bible. I quote it all the time. I BELIEVE IT!

    I know this was long……I made it as short as I could. I left a LOT out. I really should make my own blog! LOL

    I hope my story gives somebody some HOPE! 🙂
    Loss is not a bad thing when you have JESUS….it just leads to BETTER THINGS!!!
    You just need to TRUST HIM even when you don’t UNDERSTAND.

    • says

      Thank you for sharing your story, Robin. And, what a great ending! I pray your testimony will help others as it helped me. What wonderful confirmation that God will bring good out of some really hard things. I’m so glad you kept your eyes on Him!

  2. Sue says

    Great post Kim! IAnt it amazing that God had both of us focused on pretty much the same message! I’ve got to pin this one too!

    • says

      Thanks, Sue! Yes, it was a condensed compilation of all the things God revealed to me last week. Your post about waiting fit right in there with it all. God amazes me all the time!