Live In the Moment

A friend (JA) and I were talking last week about living in the moment. She has several friends who recently made a commitment to live fully into whatever they are doing at the time.

No distractions by thoughts of doing other things while accomplishing a task.

No wandering thoughts while someone is speaking.

No checking phones at the dinner table.

No answering phones while shopping or while talking with others.

Avoid engaging in things we used to see as rude, those things that have become so much a part of what we do these days.

David Rock, author of Your Brain at Work, sites studies that show a dramatic drop in IQ when we attempt to multi-task.  (So, besides being rude, we also become dumb?  Wow.)

JA and I began our topic of living in the moment by my confession of nearly burning the house down two or three weeks ago. I put sugar-water on the stove to boil (yes, making sweet tea, honey!).  I promptly left the kitchen, busied myself on my laptop, and forgot all about the sugar-water.


Beep!!!! Beep!!!! Beep!!!! Beep!!!! Beep!!!! Beep!!!!

As I rounded the kitchen corner, I imagined flames reaching the ceiling.  Relief washed over me when I saw it was only smoke.  Thick, billowing, black smoke.

HH and I quickly opened windows and doors, turned off the alarm, and removed the smoking pot of black char out to the porch.

Did you know sugar-water will continue to boil through all the candy stages, and if you don’t turn off the heat, it continues to expand and burn until it resembles a mounded hunk of charcoal?  Now. We. Know.

What lessons did I learn from that particular experience?

  • Live in the moment.  Pay attention only to the task at hand until it is complete.
  • Don’t allow distraction from electronics.
  • Humble myself and ask for my spouse’s forgiveness for this little thing like burning down our entire house.  :-/

Besides making dumb mistakes, lack of focus keeps us from truly enjoying the things we do, the people we spend time with, and it dulls our senses to the blessings of life itself.

Psalm 118:24

Each day is a gift from the Lord.  Live fully and gratefully the gift of each moment by rejoicing in it…enjoying it…savoring it…without distraction.

It’s a spectacular Sunday, y’all.  Let’s live fully today and worship our Lord with gladness and thanksgiving, with full attention  and without distraction.


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  1. Robin says

    That is a good lesson.

    I do get very forgetful when I have too much to do or too much on my list in my head. I also get a bit careless.

    They used to kid me at my house about “burning down the house”. LOL I have had more than few forgetful moments and left things on the stove while doing something else…only to be reminded by the beep beep beep of the smoke detector. ( Zucchini is one thing I used to seem to burn on a regular basis. I actually became fond of it on the burnt side after doing it so much.LOL)

    The smoke detector should have a voice that says something like, “Hey! What are you trying to do…burn down the house?!” hahaha

    • says

      Oh, no! You sound just like me! Except, I burn the bread very often, not zucchini. A voice would be so much more kind than the abrupt and repeating beep. 🙂

    • says

      Thanks, Pam. This is an issue with me, too. I think that’s why God chose to hit me over the head with my own special reminder. :-/

  2. teresa says

    I am the Queen of Burn! That’s why my best friend finally got me a whistling tea kettle and now I use an electronic one that automatically shuts off. I’ve been this way for years. Did you know a tea kettle will actually fuse to an electric element, although it detaches when cool? I’ve done that multiple times so don’t feel bad.

    Regarding your simple syrup, just do it in the microwave. It’s easier and safer. I do my leg wax that way and will never go stove top again.

    • says

      No, I didn’t know a tea kettle would do that! Thanks for the suggestion, Teresa. Sounds like we both need to watch ourselves! :-/