Let Us Love Like Him Today

There is no better motive than our love for Him when we lift His name higher.  Jesus.

We have many reasons for living and acting as we do…but none are better than to give glory and honor to the Lord.

1 John 4.14

Our Merciful Savior gave His life so we can be right with the Father.

None of us are capable of loving the way He loves us.  He IS love.

Our goal as women of faith is to love others as He loves us.  We’ll never attain the ability to love in that way, perfectly…but we let His love shine through us.  His filter of love tints our actions, our decisions, our purposes to the color of love – red.

HeartWe want to be more like Him…to live no longer as we desire but as He desires.

It’s all because of Him, and all we do is for Him.  In Jesus’ name.









  1. Sharron says

    Thanks Kim for a beautiful post as we move forward into the month of February… the month of love.
    There is no greater love than thru Jesus. Loved the words of the song !!

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