Lead Me On, Help Me Stand

I shared this video on my Facebook personal page for friends and family this week.  As often, I wanted to share it with you, as well.

It’s such a sweet story, even when there was loss and sadness for this man of God.

I share this to encourage you.  When you experience devastation, God is with you.

Just as He ministered to Thomas Dorsey in his misery, God lifts all His children when we are in pain.

Psalm 116:15

All we need to do is turn to Him…talk with Him…sit with Him in His word, soaking it in.  He’s there for us.  With us.

He leads us on and helps us stand.
He is Precious Lord to his children,
and we are precious to Him.

You are precious to Him!

Does that bring you peace?  He is our peace.  Praise the Lord with gladness!




    • says

      Yes, I enjoyed hearing the origins of this song and thought others would like to hear about it. I hope you’ve had a wonderfully blessed weekend! 🙂

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