Fun Labor Day Fruit Flag – Not Laborious at All!

I realize carving and chopping fruit may seem laborious to you.  So, why do something that calls for so much labor on Labor Day?

Because it’s delicious…and fun…and not that much labor at all, really.

Fruit Flag for Labor Day

Remember my watermelon-cutting video post?  You saw how quick that was for getting the watermelon from the rind.  You can cut honey-due the same way.

After chopping the melons from their rinds, it’s time for the easy assembly.

Place a pint basket of blueberries inside the upper left corner of a 9″ x 13″ x 2″ dish and arrange your fruit around it, beginning with watermelon and alternating rows with the honey-due.  Then carefully remove the basket and quickly dump the blueberries into the space.

Labor Day Fruit Flag

Then sprinkle the blueberries with white baking chips for stars.  🙂

Labor Day Fruit Flag

When I took this to our church’s July Fourth covered dish meal, I noticed the kids went crazy for this fruit flag.  Maybe it was the stars that caught their eye…or maybe it was the watermelon.  Who doesn’t love watermelon?  (Personally, honey-due is my all-time favorite.)

See?  Creating a Labor Day fruit flag doesn’t have to be laborious at all!

How will you celebrate Labor Day this year?  Any special plans involving food?