Keys to Canning Jar Detailing

This DIY began with a pile of old keys I purchased at a flea market.

Old Keys

I was with my parents.  It was that trip where we were itching to look at other people’s stuff.  Handy Builder Dad (HBD) emboldened me to offer the guy a deal on his cigar box of keys.

And he took the deal!  (Thanks, HBD!)

I’ve thought a lot about canning jars lately – and the keys that embellish them.  Also, don’t we all think of burlap being in the same era as canning jars?

Making Keyed Canning Jars

It’s so easy to decorate your jars.  Cut strips of burlap two to three inches wide into long strips that overlap around your jars.  Gather some twine to use for the ties.

Making Keyed Canning Jars

I found it easiest to place the jars on their sides as you wrap the burlap and tie the jute twine into a bow.

Making Keyed Canning Jars

Then, run the key hole over a looped end, and tie it by knotting the looped ends.

Making Keyed Canning Jars

For the wide-mouth jar, I gathered the burlap under my hand.

Making Keyed Canning Jars

Little folds around the rim of the lid works well.  Hold it as best you can, and tie the twine.  You can adjust the burlap by scooting it under the twine where you need to tweak it.

Making Keyed Canning Jars

Wouldn’t these be great for food gifts?  Dried beans and spices for making soups, cookies, or brownie ingredients in a jar?  Those types of gifts are the keys to someone’s heart, right there!

Keyed Canning Jars

If you have an especially interesting key, use it – or two!  🙂

Making Keyed Canning Jars

Is that an old roller skate key?  I think I had one long, long ago.  Did you?

Aren’t these jars old-looking now, vintage-y, and fun?







  1. robin says

    That was a cute idea!!!

    I still have my roller skate key…somewhere. And I have the skates, too. I know where they are… in a tub in Mt. Basement. ha! I am sure I am going to find ALL kinds of treasures once that mountain in my “section” gets moved.

    Hey, do ya think I can just say to that mountain “Be thou removed”? OOOH, if only! LOL!

    Q is feeling a little bit better taking his meds for his leg/hip pain. He is the biggest baby ever with all that “I can’t eat or drink cuz I have pain.” My husband said to him last night,” Boy, get your old rusty self up” hahaha At least he ate and drank out of the bowl and didn’t play Ghandi again, forcing me to hand feed him and have him drink out of my palm. HE WAS RIDICULOUS!! He was slightly dehydrated so I HAD to do it.

    Ya know how people have “emotional support” dogs? Well this dog needs an emotional support human. HA! He is so needy it is not even funny. I think he was milking it just to have me wait on him and hand feed him and brush and pet him all day.

    He is truly hurt, mind you…he couldn’t jump up to see the kitties behind the glass in Petsmart….he sure tried. His jumper was broken. LOL(I knew he couldn’t jump, so that is why I let him get that close…usually he is about 4 feet from the glass) He really likes cats. They don’t always like him as much. LOL

    ST and I were making jokes while “hand watering” him. A lot of the water in my palm leaked out so we had a towel underneath. I was saying that there was probably a puddle in the basement. HA!

    (I painted the basement ceiling for a few hrs today. My neck is not happy. Off to a hot shower I go!)

    • says

      My skates and key are long gone. I’m impressed that you still have yours. You are so funny…poor Quincy. 😉 You are one dedicated doggy mom! I hope he feels better soon.

      • robin says

        He is feeling much better. Still doesn’t want to drink out of his stainless steel bowl. But we got him to drink out of a ceramic bowl tonight. He is such a diva.LOL

        My skates haven’t been used since they closed the rink in the town I lived in before getting married. I think ST was in 2nd grade. We were so mad. We loved that place and B-day parties there were the in thing. I loved going cuz it gave me an excuse to skate !!!

        I loved skating all my life. I was skating at 2. Little red plastic adjustable skates. hahaha I am going to try to skate in the newly paved street in my black low top speed skates (I bought them for my ex when I was in college.) They are a little bigger than my skates, so I might be able to get enough padding in there for my foot issue. My white skates won’t work at all right now. I hate to take rink skates and mess up the wheels but I can always get new wheels if I ever get back in a rink.

        • says

          Wow, with so many skates to choose from, you sound like an expert skater! Good thing Quincy’s drinking, stainless bowl or not. 🙂