Our Visit to the Key West Butterfly Conservatory

I’d never experienced butterflies in quite the way we did in Key West last month.  Yes, we have plenty of butterflies in The Land of Making Do,  but none so colorful and plentiful.

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory has the prettiest blue butterflies, and many other colors, too.  The blue variety was the most plentiful.  Why didn’t I take pictures of all the butterflies flitting about?  You would have loved it!

Soft music filled the conservatory while we walked the pathway through a windowed room of exotic tropical plants and flowers, thousands of butterflies, and tiny birds.

One of the blue butterflies landed on my shirt and stayed there for a little while.  I tried not to move much, but it didn’t seem to matter whether I moved or not.  I guess my flowered shirt was mesmerizing.  😉

Butterfly on Shirt

If you ever get down to Key West, don’t miss this tour.  It’s so calming, interesting, and just plain neat.  There were birds of many different colors perched here and there, mostly of soft pastels.  I saw more different colored birds in one spot than ever in my life.

When we left the conservatory, an attendant placed a paper blue butterfly on each of our shirts.

Key West Conservatory Butterfly

I brought mine home and stuck it to a tea towel.

Key West Butterfly

I smile every time I see it now.

Butterfly on Tea Towel

You can read more about the butterfly conservatory in Key West here.

Maybe there are butterfly conservatories in other parts of the country.  Have you visited one?  What was it like?


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      Thanks, Kristi. Likewise, if I run across the conservatory in Georgia, I’ll want to visit. Thanks for stopping by!