Keeping Love in Christmas

At our Sunday School Christmas party Friday night, a friend read the Christmas version of I Corinthians 13.

It reminds us to love…

Isn’t that wonderful?

Life gets so crazy at Christmas time.  Our families deserve our attention and care, before devoting time for all the trappings of commercialized Christmas.

If we step back and look at the big picture, what are we doing?  What’s it all for, if not for love?

I Corinthians 16:14Source

Let’s focus on what’s really important.  Our source of love is Jesus…our reason for celebrating Christmas.

Jesus loved us first.  His love is unconditional, constant, and complete.  While we can never love others as fully as He loves us, we can allow His love to filter through our life to pause…and show love to others.

As we prepare to close the door on another year, I think back on the love shown to HH and I this year.  I’m so thankful.

We could not have survived without the love of our families, nor the prayers.  This includes our biological families, our friends who are family  to us, and our church family.

Those three little simple words,

I love you,

while sometimes used flippantly in our society, are deeply healing

when used in sincerity,

when paired with a hug,

when demonstrated.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of this type of love from others, you are blessed.  I am blessed.

Even in the busyness and crazy schedules of today and tomorrow…love.

Let’s praise the Lord today for His light and His love to share.  Oh, what a spectacular Sunday!




  1. Ginger Giles says

    Perfect. Thanks for touching me this morning with the most beautiful love of Jesus and the reminder of how blessed I am, too. Well done!

    • says

      Thank you, G. God did that – for me, too, with that I Corinthians 13 Christmas version. We all need that reminder – and not only at Christmas. 🙂