Itching to Look at Other People’s Junk?

While in Tennessee for our family reunion, I went flea marketing and junkin’ with PAM and HBD.  Painter Artist Mom and Handy Builder Dad went out early to peruse a nearby flea market.  I stayed back at the hotel to write my Sunday post to be published the following day.

By 10:30 or so, I asked if they could swing by and get me so I could join them.  Have you ever been itchin’ to look at other people’s junk?  I know.  Sick, isn’t it?

Since HH and I were on the motorcycle, I could only purchase what would fit in PAM’s and HBD’s car.  Drats!

Lunch hunger drug us away before too long, so we made our way downtown to a small-town coffee shop.  Except for one thing.  It wasn’t so small-town.  It was hip!  I made my way around the room snapping pictures of signs.

Fun Quotes

Gee, if only we had more places to hang old cabinet doors.  We’d paint them with all sorts of fun quotes.

Yikes!  This one strikes a nerve just a little.  (Sorry for the i-phone blur.  Although, it’s not the phone.  It’s the “i”, as in “me” – wink.)

Fun Quotes

If the in-law that once said I get rid of everything could see me now, eh?  (Dish stash post coming soon, I promise!)

Coffee, please?

Fun Quotes

Please bring coffee early…before we insult!

Fun Quotes

Can you relate?

My personal fave.

Fun Quotes

Has anyone seen my crown?  I seem to have misplaced it.

PAM and I agreed that we like the message on this painting.  So true…

Fun Quotes

After lunch, we visited a couple of local antique shops.  I really  like these sconces and wish I’d thought to mount our master bedroom sconce onto a weathered board like this.  Truthfully, these don’t fit our bedroom style exactly, but I do think they’re a wonderful solution to hanging a wired light onto a wall.


THIS nearly came home.  It’s a dried African vine.

Dried African Vine

Can you imagine this running down a dining table with each indention holding a tea light?

Dried African Vine

In the end, I decided it was too long to fit into my parents’ car.  Drats again!

This corner garden is fun.  I’ve used broken dishes in the garden but never collected them all in one space.  Do you like that idea?

Garden of Broken Pieces

Over our weekend, whenever my cousin appeared, there she was with her bag.  I call it the “Very Bradley” bag.  She made it and did such a nice job, too.  (Such neat lining detailing!)   Her maiden name is Bradley, so it must be the Very Bradley!  Right?

The Very Bradley Bag

My grandmother Bradley taught her to sew, as with all we Bradley grand-girls – ten of us!

While “reunion-ing” at her home, my Very Bradley cousin demonstrated her quilting machine in her sewing studio.  Oh, my!

Quilting Machine

It’s a good thing I’m not into quilting, right HH?

Well, I guess most of this wasn’t junk, after all.  Maybe I’ll show you the junk later.  (It’s the stuff I brought home.  Ha!)

Do you like flea markets?  What about signs…are you a sign fan?









    • says

      Yes, it was. I was one of three younger ones – the Three Musketeers, ha! We always wanted to be with the older girls because they were so much fun! But, ho-hum, we three entertained ourselves. Thanks, Jenna!

  1. Libba says

    I too love Flea Markets, and I am in Hog’s Heaven when I can catch a good yard sell in the McMinnville area, which is near Nashville. We also used to attend great Estate Sales up there but I think they’ve sold everything up there now and don’t have them often. However, we’ve not been able to go in a while but have caught some great ones in the past. I know you had a ball in the antique shops there.

  2. Heather says

    I love the signs. My problem is that I have a hard time selecting one to make since I like them all. Lately, I have been repurposing items I am finding around here.

    • says

      I know what you mean, Heather. I tend to want them ALL. Yes, I agree that re-purposing items saves money, for sure. Happy Thursday!