It IS a Good Friday!

Here’s one tiny thing that’s good about today.


And, here’s a huge thing that’s good about today.

I never understood why we call this day Good  Friday.  Jesus suffered horribly – the worst way anyone could be put to death.  So, why is today called good?

At the Cross, MATTHEW 27.42

I thank God He didn’t  come down from the cross.

He could have chosen to do just that.  But He chose to die…because He knew the rest of the story.  He knew His perfect completion of God’s plan was best for us.  It was His gift to us.

He chose to be the sacrifice for our sins – so WE could have abundant life, forgiven and free – you and me.

A friend mentioned last night that someone had explained the term Good Friday  in this way:

If someone chose to die in your place, wouldn’t you consider that a good day?

Yes!  Jesus did choose  to die in my place – and yours.  So, it IS  Good Friday.

OK.  I no longer will have reservations about calling this day Good Friday…because it IS truly good.  (Thank you, Lord Jesus!)

Does that perspective help you see this day as good?

Easter weekend blessings to you all~

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  1. Patricia says

    You’re the best ever. Thank you for always giving credit to Our King. May your Easter be blessed with goodness and mercy. Thank you for your site.

    • says

      Thank you so much! I believe we would be nothing without Him. I think you believe that, too. And I’m so glad! Thank you for traveling this blog journey with me. You are a blessing!