Turkey Napkin Fold DIY

I thought at first this turkey fold (from Giving Thanks on Brown and White) would be so not worth the effort.  It looks very involved.

Turkey Napkin Fold

But, once I got started, it wasn’t hard at all.  It was actually fun to see if I could do it.

Begin with the white napkin, which is the body of the turkey.  Fold it in half and then half again.

Folded Square Napkin

Cut a piece of foil the size of the square.  I folded my foil to the size I needed.  Place the foil under the top layer of the napkin, all the way into the corner.

Foil Inside Napkin Fold


Pressing Napkin Fold

Position the napkin in a diamond shape in front of you.  Fold each side in, forming a point to the opposite end.

Sides Folded

It’s OK if your tails are uneven.  That happens when  napkins aren’t perfectly square.  You want a nice, sharp point at the tip.

Fold the sides in toward the center again.

Side Edges Folded

Mash flat while you bend the pointed end back about half way along the length of the napkin.  Then fold the tip down about an inch.

Folding Turkey

The foil inside helps keep it from unfolding.  Straighten the turkey and pinch the back area “tail feathers”.  Set aside.

Pinching Tail Feathers

For the wing feathers, fold another napkin in half.

Feather Napkin Fold

Accordion fold (about 1-1/4 inch folds) from one end to the other, stopping about 3 inches shy of the end.  It helps to press the stack of folds.

Accordion Fold

Flip the stack over and fold it in half.  Triangle-fold the end and tuck it inside the first fold.

Feather Tuck

See how this helps the feathers stand up?

Sturdy Feathers

Open the turkey tail feather section and insert the triangle tucked area.

Attaching Feathers

Your cloth napkin Tom Turkey is born!

Turkey Napkin Fold

See?  That wasn’t so hard, was it?  I folded all my turkeys in about 15 minutes.

If this napkin fold still isn’t clear to you, watch this video.  Theirs is a little different because I watched several videos and combined them to use the best features of all of them.  You can adapt the fold to the size you need for your plate.  Also, napkins are different sizes, so that changes things slightly, too.

Isn’t that worth it for a special dinner?  What other napkin folds do you like to use for thanksgiving?



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      I didn’t know that about you, Jenna! How do you always have such nice, flat napkins? With the foil inside the fold, these napkins are easy to press with your hand. Yes, there is hope. 🙂