How to Stand By Your Man

Last Sunday (Behind Your Strong, Godly Man), we went over our number one role as a wife.  Tammy Wynette’s song Stand By Your Man  rang through my mind throughout that day.  Follow this link to see her performance from the 60’s.

Standing by our man means supporting, encouraging, and loving him.  More than anything else, though, there’s one thing they need from us that gives him support, encouragement, and love all rolled into one.  It’s respect.

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I’ve done a series on marriage at least once each year – sometimes twice.  If our marriage is strong and we are strong in our faith, we can survive anything together – and with the Lord by our side.  Anything.

Whatever you want your man to be, treat him like he already is that.  Good or bad, whatever you act like he is, he will be that.

Do you hound him like he’s a no-good so-and-so?  (Maybe he’s that in your eyes  but in the eyes of no one else?)

If he’s not respectable in your eyes, begin to respect him as if he were already respectable to you.  Stand back and watch the transformation!

If you’re married to a man who isn’t a Christian, don’t expect him to live a Christian life.  But, don’t give up all hope, either.  Pray.

James 5.16b

Earnest prayer changes everything.  It may not be immediate, but in God’s timing, you will see change.

In 1 Peter 3:1-6, God tells us how women should live with a gentle and quiet spirit.  When your husband notices a difference in you, he’ll be drawn to you, intrigued by you, and possibly open himself to the work of the Holy Spirit.  Can you imagine what that would be like?  Hang on to that!  God can do it!

In the past, as I prayed over a certain matter, I knew God could  change things…but would  He?   I prayed fervently, every day, for God to answer my prayer (my prayer that would require a miracle) – His miracle.  God instituted marriage and family, so I knew my prayer was within His will.

We can stand firmly on His many promises in the Bible.  I reminded Him daily that I gave the issue to Him and was standing on His Word,  expecting His miracle.   At first, I felt like I was dying inside – even wished for it.  But over time, God healed my utter sadness and despair.  And, He will heal you, too…the pain from betrayal, shock, rejection, and grief.

My answer came many months later.  He gave me that miracle – not because I deserved it but because of His grace.  Because He promised it.  And He is faithful and mighty and true.

He gets all the glory and honor for it.  The Lord is your everything.  Trust Him.