How to Help Your Wreath Transition Through the Seasons

As we discussed in yesterday’s beach tablescape post and in lieu of our August beach trip, I transitioned our spring and summer wreath into a beach theme that can carry us into fall.

Wreath in Beach to Fall

It occurred to me that I just about covered the entire year with three easily changeable wreath looks.

Wreath Transitions for the Seasons

Not everyone wants a wreath with red that continues through winter…or a cross on their wreath after Easter…or a fall wreath in November with shells and sand.  But if you’re in a minimalist mode, these three could get you through.

If you like more defined themes, add different looks more often.

Three basic elements remained on the wreath for all three wreaths.  The white coral on the left side, the twisties to the bottom right, and the boing-y things to the right made it through all three themes.

Wreath Transitions Through The Seasons

That simplifies things, doesn’t it?

For the beach theme, add a few shells and starfish…and knot a nautical look in some rope.

Sea Shells and Rope

How do you get sand to stay on a wreath?  In a mini hanging votive, of course, tied to a branch.

Sand on Wreath

Add shells, and give it a bow.

Sand on Wreath

Rather than topping it off with a bow, a bag made of net with twine and bark-covered ornaments will suffice.

Bow Alternative

Hmm…I wonder what I’ll come up with for the bird houses this fall?

Front Door Decor

Wouldn’t dried flowers be nice?

What plans are you making for the next wreath on your front door?  Will it also be your wreath for fall?




    • says

      Thanks, Jenna. I’ve been amazed at how versatile just a few stable items on the wreath can last over time.

  1. Sandy Park says

    And some fake birds from Dollar Tree for your bird houses. Maybe a cardinal or two?

    • says

      Hey, great idea! I have one on the back porch, and I didn’t even think to take it to the front. Thanks!