How to Dress a Dresser

Mom 2, our neighbor in my teens who remains in my life as a “bonus mom”, often used the term of cleaning house as raking out.

In January each year, I re-arrange, organize, discard things unwanted, and in general, rake out.

It’s a time to re-think the function of things, re-assess spaces.  Since Fun Son moved away to begin his first career job, I’m playing mission organization in his closet.  While in his former room, I started pondering possibilities to better use the dresser I’d moved over from Spunky Daughter’s room after she went to college.

Remember the Bedroom Redo in Nature, Navy, and White?   Later, I added the Decorative Body Pillow Sham and the Necktie Lamp Shade, so you saw how the room progressed.

Necktie Lamp Shade in Bedroom

I didn’t show much in pictures of the other end of the room.

Dresser, Before

The dresser served as storage beside a skirted table and ancient rocking chair that was my great-grandmother’s.  This picture from my Cartridge Pleat Panels tutorial shows what was beside the dresser.  (Oh, and the keyboard is now with SD.  Yay!)

Cartridge Pleat Panels

Cartridge Pleat Panels

I began thinking of decorative paint finishes for the old dresser.

Dresser, Before

Also for this old chest that belonged to HH’s grandmother.

Chest, Before

The most helpful thing is to save painted dresser examples at Houzz.  They have loads of examples and ideas.  I narrowed it down to two I like best from my Dresser board at Houzz.  (Follow my link to see lots of ideas.)

I like this one for the long dresser.  Mine isn’t nearly as curvy, but it gives the general look.

And this one for the chest of drawers.  (Shhh…don’t breathe a word of it to HH.  He doesn’t want me to paint the chest.)

I was so smitten over this one!  I would paint the black outer chest in a navy.  Who wouldn’t love a sharp, dressed-in-blue military look?

And, don’t forget Pinterest.  See my Pinterest board of Painted Dressers, Chest, and Desks.  This chest (from Pinterest) is a good compromise to keep HH happy.  And, it goes well with the woody theme of the room.  (But the military navy and white chest is too sharp to pass up.  Do you agree?)

Dresser IdeaImage Source

If this is the finalist, I would paint navy or white rather than gray.

While deciding on paint finishes for the dresser and chest, Spunky Daughter is choosing a paint color for my old kitchen chairs.  They’re taped and ready for new color action.

Chairs Taped, Ready to Paint

Ha!  Did you notice four in last week’s tablescape post?  I wondered if anyone noticed the chairs in a line – awaiting tape.

Farm Table of Red, White, and Black

Farm Table of Red, Black, and White

Update:  See the amazing transformation of the dresser in this post.


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    • says

      Yikes, I’m out of paint! As soon as I can get to Tupelo for more chalk paint, I’ll get started on the dresser. The chest will be next, if at all. 😉 Hope your Monday is amazing!

    • says

      Ouch! Picture me jumping back quickly from having my toes stomped. Haha! I do plan to show him pictures. I would never start painting without his OK. He just needs to see examples of how it will look after. He’s gained a little trust over the years (27!), so I think he’ll go along with a new look. I just need to find the right one. 🙂

  1. Belinda Longwith says

    I’m doing a bit of “raking out” myself in snippets. I started, again, with built in book shelves and enclosed storage areas in said shelves. I went through tons of papers and threw away a lot!! I lay in bed at night and try to figure out how to rearrange furniture, colors to paint a few of my rooms, and how to dress the windows better. I wish I could borrow you for awhile. I could use some HELP here!! Ha. I love your ideas and wish I had a head for decorating; I try but lack a little (okay a lot) in that area. Keep up the good work and keep the ideas and all coming.
    Thank you,

    • says

      Wouldn’t that be fun? I’d love to visit and try to help with the issues you’re having. It’s like working a puzzle! A challenge, but fun. You’ve got a great start with discarding papers. Just take it a little at a time, and you’ll figure something out. Ask specific questions on the Facebook page if you’d like. We can “discuss” things easier there, I think. Happy raking!

    • Sharron says

      Kim, I love the dresser and chest.
      I think they will be very pretty painted.
      I have Mother’s dresser and chest that I will be painting very soon.
      Can’t wait to see how yours turn out!

      • says

        Thank you, Sharron. I hope I can do the pictures on Houzz and Pinterest justice. I’d love to know what you’re planning for your mother’s furniture pieces. Happy painting!

  2. robin says

    Painting. My favorite word. (Do you hear the sarcasm.Ha!) But I really do like painting…FURNITURE, just not basements. LOL

    I had to resist some AWESOME CL’s free furniture. I’m hurting. LOL! Can you look at a piece of furniture and just SEE how it will look painted? I can….sometimes. Probably moreso when I am not allowed to have it. Ha.

    I have been cleaning out…some…but mostly clothes and household stuff. I dropped off clothes today to one charity that resells them to help young pregnant women NOT to have abortions….to adopt instead. They do some great work. Our church supports them when we can.

    ONE of these days my dining room table will get redone….engraving scripture verses along the curved sides. I was going to restain, but I think painting may be a really cool look. We’ll see.

    I got a great deal on chunky furniture feet. The ReStore was selling 4 new unfinished feet for $3 each. They probably were at least $6, if not more. The guy who works there said, “$3 each? How about $1 each?” I said, “That sounds better.” Well it DID. LOL I like him. He prices to sell. Some of their stuff is bit overpriced. I can always tell who did the pricing on an item. When he does it is really cheap. LOL

    I did do some painting the last few days….fabric paint. I painted over stains on a stroller cushion. Making a partial cover for the seat was too much work and just a royal pain since the seat reclined and the cushion had all these do dads and strap holes. It seems easy enough for an experienced sewer but this thing was just not cooperating. LOL

    Tonight I heat set the paint with an iron and pressing cloth. In 48 hours I can wash it. THEN I can finally get this stinkin stroller OUT OF MY DININGROOM! LOL And my little friend can go for a stroll. Well maybe not OUTSIDE…yet. But in the mall, maybe.

    It needed 2 coats and I had to fill in missed spots. I had to use a small paintbrush due to the texture. It was time consuming. But it looks pretty good! r

    I will be glad once it’s over. I’m trying to find time to crochet. I have been too busy or too tired.

    Have a great week!!!

    • says

      I like your table idea. It’s good you have vision for things. Not everyone has it. But it can get crazy, as you can testify with your Craigslist discoveries. Wow. Your stroller sounds quite involved! I hope you’ve found the easiest way to get to your goal so you can enjoy strolls in the park – and then crochet. 😉 I have full confidence in you. You’ll get it all done!

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