How to Decorate Fall Porches on a Budget

It occurred to me the other day, when I relished in the day when fall falls, that I should share with you how inexpensive it can be to decorate a porch.

Fall Porch Decor

While decorating for fall can cost a lot of money, you know I don’t let go of much green (or at least not all at one time)!

Pinterest inspires us to do many things to beautify our homes.  Pictures on Pinterest often appear to include expensive accessories.

Fall Porch Decor on a Budget

If you have a small porch, you can make a strong statement in one corner of your porch for under twenty-six dollars.

Front Porch Vignette

Pinterest pictures often include a woolen throw on a rocking chair.  Mine was ten dollars at Wal-Mart.  (Here’s the secret:  it’s an over-sized scarf, so check the ladies’ accessories department.)

The mums and pumpkins (two of each) were $3.88 apiece.  Pretty fair deal, eh?

Front Porch Vignette

For larger porches, it helps to arrange little vignettes  here and there rather than spacing everything out.  I have three separate vignettes using the purchased scarf, five pumpkins and two mums,  plus my painted gourds and other items from inside the house – or for free from the fields and yard.

After arranging the bundle beside the front door, I decided to gather more straw.

Fall Porch Decor

A certain weed infiltrated the crops this year…so much so that large areas were left unharvested since the soy beans didn’t grow well in those areas.

Harvested Field

I took the wheel barrow out to scoop the straw/dead weeds late yesterday afternoon.

I had a scarecrow in mind.

Front Porch Vignette

Vignette number two complete.

After doing some trimming chores, I placed the wheel barrow with leftover straw on the porch (why waste it?)  – and added a hay rake from the barn.  Wouldn’t a pile of pumpkins be appropriate in there?

Front Porch Vignette

That completes the front porch.  Would you consider this to be two vignettes, or one?

Front Porch Vignette

Oops.  I forgot the swing.  You saw it the other day, but I added a pumpkin and shared this picture on Instagram.  It really is a perfectly cozy spot to read in early mornings, wrapped up in the blanket and sipping hot coffee.

Front Porch Vignette

In all, I bought six pumpkins, three mums, and the scarf.  That’s three vignettes (or four) on the front porch and one on the back porch (coming soon) for under fifty bucks.  Pretty good, huh?

Do you have access to any straw?  Want to come by and get some?  (We have plenty to share!)  🙂















  1. robin says

    You did good! I am loving that scarecrow!
    I am allergic to hay so you can keep yours. haha
    My front porch is screened in so nobody could see anything I put on it anyway. And it if=s full of furniture…not much room for “stuff”. I guess it saves me money NOT decorating it. LOL I spend enough INSIDE though! LOL

    Yesterday I got an email from ACMoore with a coupon for an extra 20% off regular and sale items. I happened to be making a trip that way, to the organic farm. The coupon was only good til 3 pm so I picked up S-Teen from school so we would make it in time. Her bus takes too long to get her home. We went to ACMoore first. PRIORITIES! LOL

    Most of the garland they had left was short and without leaves. Like berries and stuff. I’m not a fan. I want LEAVES! The nice garland was the $49.99 one. At half off plus 20% it’s still way too expensive in MY book. I seem to not be the only one thinking this way….they had a ton of that one left. They do every year. Until they clearance it. (One would wonder WHY they continue to make it THAT expensive then.)

    I was bummed. UNTIL…I went in the other aisle and a lone strand of $6.99 leaf garland was in a bin, OUT OF PLACE! JACKPOT!!! It wasn’t too full a strand so I grabbed a $9.99 “bouquet” of leaves and things. I would have liked TWO garland strands, but beggars can’t be choosers. LOL

    So, half off all of that…plus and extra 20%. With tax total $7.27!!!!

    I came home and attached the strand above the LR double windows with clear push pegs. I cut all the stems off the bouquet and stuck them in all the bare spots. WHALA! Looks like a million bucks!

    We had a bit of drizzle yesterday. DARN RAIN I DO NOT LIKE YOU. Just sayin. LOL But “Matthew” will be coming and I am not liking him either. **grumble** hahaha At least I don’t live in Fla or the Carolinas so I shouldn’t complain.

    FYI: ACMoore has a new return policy. I bought yarn with a 50% off coupon. I wanted to exchange for color. They said the new rules are return and rebuy. If you have a coupon that is great. But if not you pay full price. If it’s no longer on sale…too bad. UUUH. I don’t think so. I was using my 20% off coupon on the other stuff so I couldn’t use the 50% one for the yarn. So the yarn is still there. LOL And the squeaky wheel is gonna make a phone call to customer service. TODAY.

    That’s like buying a shirt on sale at Macy’s and trying to exchange it for size and they make you return and rebuy and then won’t give you the sale price. HELLO????

    I also have to call the company that we used to use for propane before we got natural gas back in 2014. They called a year later about service and I told them to check their records…we no longer had propane in the house and that they still had not picked up their tank. So June 2016 they showed up one day to get the tank. MY husband happened to be home that day. In August we got a bill for tank removal. ???????????? You leave it here TWO years and then CHARGE me for taking it back??? They said it was in the contract. WHAT contract?

    This company bought out our previous propane provider, and we never signed a contract with the new guys. Their service was lousy. They no longer took checks. You had to prepay with debit or credit . And you couldn’t get anything less than a full tank which was over $400. And it took a week for them to get there to deliver. They had too many customers spread out in NJ and not enough delivery guys. They stunk. THAT prompted us to switch to natural gas faster than we may have.

    So now they are adding late fees to the tank removal charge! And they sent us a letter saying they won’t provide propane anymore…..until we pay. REALLY??? OK. hahahahaha!

    I got a call yesterday from them about the late bill. The lady was caught off guard about the situation. I know she was not going to forward the issue to whoever, as she said she would. I’m calling back today and asking for a the accounts receivable manager. I am not hanging up until the matter is resolved. I used to be a controller and had to deal with this kinda stuff every day. THis ain’t my 1st rodeo. I should charge THEM for 2 years of tank storage!!! LOL!

    SQUEAK SQUEAK. I’m getting “oiled” today!!! hahahaha

    I keep looking up at my new fall garland and smiling. AND it’s sunny!!! DOUBLE smile!!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Heather says

    Since our weather is finally cooling off we need to be more concerned with black widow spiders getting into the items left outside and into the house. I love what you did. I do need to pull out the few fall decorations I have and put them up in the house.

  3. says

    Heather I would love to be your neighbor and enjoy a cup of coffee and a visit with you! My friends and I were in Amish land in Arthur, Il last weekend and we remarked doesn’t this seem like an Eden! No worries, just quiet and all the time in the world to quilt! Happy Fall, thanks for sharing your pictures. Lawana

  4. says

    Kim, I would love to join you on your beautiful porch preferably on the swing! Budget friendly ideas. I did the same thing and bought two plaid scarves at Hobby Lobby at half off! I have used scarves on tables and everything else. Your scarecrow is perfect! Happy Thursday, my friend!
    Pam Richardson recently posted…The Heart Of The HomeMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you! Funny thing is, every time I go out the kitchen door, the sight of the scarecrow makes me jump with fright, thinking there’s a perp in that chair! I’ve never noticed scarves at Hobby Lobby, so thanks for sharing that tidbit. Thursday blessings~

  5. Joy B says

    Hmmm, I’m headed to Walmart later on to pick up a prescription, I think I need to check out the scarves while I’m there. Your porch and swing look great, and I love the scarecrow!