How to Cut That Butternut Squash and ROAST IT

I had no idea.  Have you sliced a butternut squash before?  Gee, it’s so hard to cut through!

When I told you my cousin Very Bradley gave me five of their home-grown squash and that I’d be sharing recipes soon, I had no idea what I was getting into.  While there was a road to deliciousness, there was a huge curve of learning on that road!

Before I ever said a word about it, Jenna knew.  My friend Jenna at The Painted Apron knew I needed her tips of cutting squash.  Trust me.  If you’re new to butternut squash-cutting, you need Jenna’s squash tips, too – before you cut a finger off by wobbly  mistake.  (Jenna, you’re a life saver!)

As for the roasting, that part was   e a s y ! !


After the hard part of quartering the squash, place it on a oil-prepared roasting pan or rimmed baking sheet.  Spread butter over the squash .

Roasting Squash

Then sprinkle the recipe’s spices over everything. (Recipe link below.)

Roasting Squash

I found it really easy to place all the flavorings in this recycled spice container and sprinkle with it.

Roasting Squash

Next is the brown sugar coating.  Yum, right?

Roasting Squash

Now the oven does all the rest!

Roasting Squash

And look at all that buttery juice inside the seed compartment.

Roasting Squash

It was the most tender around that hole since the walls were thinner.

I noticed in the comments of this Taste of Home recipe that people said their squash didn’t cook in the required time.

Roasting Squash

Maybe they didn’t notice the part about uncovering and baking an additional 15-25 minutes.  It took about an hour total for mine to cook.

HH isn’t much on squash anything, but I enjoyed every bite.

Roasting Squash

Of course, there was no way I could eat the entire thing.  Soo…the next day, I made the most delicious butternut squash soup with the leftovers!

I’ll be sharing that soon.  🙂

Do you like butternut squash?   I’m curious…what’s been your experience with cutting it?








  1. says

    Aren’t you the sweetest! Thanks for the shout out, funny thing- yesterday I bought frozen butternut squash cubes! I’ve never tried them before, but another blog friend swears by them…I will let you know how it turns out. After seeing your photos today of the simple, freshly roasted squash swimming in that sauce, I am regretting my decision! Have a great weekend Kim 🙂
    Jenna recently posted…Fearless Friday, Birthday FunMy Profile

    • says

      Hey, using the frozen is a great idea for out of season cooking, besides being easier. You could probably do a similar roasting in a baking dish coated with the butter, spices, and sugar. Yes, please let us know how you like the frozen. 🙂

  2. robin says

    Our squash is in the fridge….waiting to be cut. ha! Super Teen has a job today! This post came at the right time! She will be using her own homemade “pumpkin spice” (since I can’t have nutmeg), and Ghee instead of butter. She is also in the mood for making more pumpkin muffins! I hear the angels starting to sing! haha!

    But first we have to go see our new little friend, Dakota, born 10/6. 7 lbs 6 oz 18 inches.
    WHOOHOO! Her aunt and I have been running around crazy getting her “supplies” the last few months. Her parents are young and can’t afford much.

    Her mom had a hemorrhage after her c-section and needed 2 units of blood. Our church family went into prayer yesterday. When we have an issue, the pastor has his secretary do a mass text ….and I am telling you…..God comes through!!!! Where 2 or 3 agree…..

    Today, Mama is up and walking today and they are working on getting Dakota to latch on. As you know, when a baby has a bottle first sometimes they don’t want mom. It can be a very trying experience if you don’t have a nurse who is super skilled in difficult babies.

    When she saw her sister she opened her eyes and looked right at her. The picture is adorable. Her big sis turned 3 on Tuesday. So they will probably be having a joint b-day party every year.

    I had a funny memory of my son…..piggy drank a straight 4 oz after he was born. There was no burping him after every ounce. He would get stinkin mad if u tried to take that bottle out of his mouth. LOL! I was too drugged up after the emergency c-section to nurse. But he had no issues latching on. He bruised me up bad sucking so hard. He wanted to eat and didn’t care if it was mom or a bottle. JUST FEED ME!!! LOL The kid was eating cereal in his bottle at 2 months. We took a baby spoon out and put the formula/cereal on it. He figured it out. He would open his mouth when he wanted more. PIGGY he was! LOL He is now 22 and 6′ 1″.

    • robin says

      He also had a very loud and long burp. He would burp in church and the entire congregation couldn’t help but laugh cuz they knew it was lil piggy. hahahaha

      • robin says

        Super Teen made the butternut squash and loved it. The microwave trick was AWESOME!!!
        I have not had mine yet. I was at Home Depot last night and it was too late to eat it when I got back. (Sealing one section of the basement floor today)

        Today she is making hash browns with corn, pumpkin bread, coconut fall spice pancakes with apples, and veggie stir fry (dinner). She said she is not “mad cooking” she just feels like it. LOL She likes fall and it makes her cook. 🙂

        I will be making oatmeal fenugreek chocolate chip cookies for the new mom….the fenugreek helps promote lactation.(It is so good for everybody! It does SO much!) I got the recipe from a blog I read. The woman had a baby recently. GOD IS SO GOOD! He dropped it right into my lap YESTERDAY!!!

        Mom isn’t producing milk due to the issue she had with blood loss. We don’t want Dakota to get so used to the bottle that she doesn’t want mom. MOM’s milk is so much better for her! (I read the formula ingredients and it makes me sick knowing babies are eating that. No wonder they have so many issues. They are eating GMO soy and whey….among other junk.)

        I have been drinking fenugreek tea for years, but didn’t know how great is really is, til I read more about it yesterday.

        I saw baby Dakota and held her….OOOH she is absolutely adorable!! And she is a good baby. (Yay for that!) She slept well her 1st night!

        • says

          I’m glad ST enjoyed the squash! I appreciate you reporting back to me about it. Ooh…more basement work. Good luck with all of that! Thanks for sharing your health tips. 🙂

  3. says

    I have forever softened the skin of the Butternut and Acorn squash by wrapping it in wax paper and putting it in the microwave for a few minutes, then cut it as you do and finish the roast in the oven Certainly works well for my arthritic wrists and hands. Give it a try, so much easier.