Here in the Love of Christ I Stand

Did you see The Passion of Christ movie when it first came out in theaters?  HH and I waited for a few weeks before seeing it, so the crowds were more manageable.  Even at that, the theater was packed.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend it.  Surely, it’s still available on video.  But, I warn you.

It is real.  It is harsh.  Some of it is brutal.

We read the truth of everything that happened to Jesus before and during His crucifixion in the Bible.  That is hard enough to swallow when you try to put yourself in the storyline and visualize the events that took place.  Seeing it played out before your eyes is a different story – not in fact, but in severity.

It took us several days to recover from seeing the actual scenes displayed before us on the big screen.

There is beauty in it, though.  The reality of what Jesus did for us, shown in truth without censure, is sobering.

The pain He endured for our forgiveness stems from a choice of love we know little about.  We don’t have that kind of love.

Only our all-powerful Lord can love through sacrifice in such a way.

In Him alone, we trust Him.  He is our hope.  Our only hope.

Do you feel hopeless?  A message of hope for you is here.  Let’s cling to the hope we have through Jesus on this Spectacular Sunday.