Million Dollar Advice

HH and I enjoy watching Jim Caviezel in his CBS TV series Person of Interest.  We enjoy this show because it’s fairly clean without foul language.  There is a lot of shooting, but overall, it’s better entertainment than many other shows on TV.

I missed this interview with Jim Caviezel after The Passion of The Christ came out several years ago.  Talk about a movie that will silence you for days!  I remember that I couldn’t carry on normal conversations because my mind was still trying to process what I’d seen.  It was very hard to see played out in such a real way all that Jesus suffered for us!

After seeing Jim Caviezel’s interview on YouTube this week, I had to share it with you.  It’s worth a second watch if you’ve already seen this interview.

Can you imagine playing a role like Jesus Christ?  Naturally, he didn’t feel worthy.  (Would you?  Me, neither!)   In the process of making the movie, of course Mr. Caviezel felt a special presence of the Lord as Satan sought to kill, steel, and destroy.

Advice Worth Millions!

You’ll enjoy his testimony, and yes…we all have a choice to take his million dollar advice – or to reject it.

Wow, right?

I hope you stayed to the end so you could hear the best part…that God loves you, and His mercy and grace are so big!  It’s big enough to forgive all our sins, so we don’t need to live in shame but in victory through the blood of Jesus Christ – and with passion for Him.

The Christian life is a spectacular journey, and I pray you are changed spectacularly today by God’s truths in this video.

If you agree, I invite you to Pin this image to your faith board on Pinterest – not for my fame but for the fame of Jesus, our Lord.  It’s time to stand for our freedom.

Advice Worth Millions!

Thank you, my dear friends.  I hope you have a spectacular Sunday…because it is.


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  1. Robin says

    I read this right after seeing tonight’s episode of Person of Interest. (Not on purpose. LOL)
    It’s nice to see believers on tv. I wonder what Jim was thinking while filming tonight’s episode.
    I had to mute and cover my eyes for part of the show. (You know what part I am talking about if you saw it. ) It’s just something I don’t care to expose myself to. I am seeing it more and more on tv. A LOT more because people think that behavior is “normal”. Satan rules the media…and he sure is getting his “confusion” out there!
    God is still good…..

    • says

      We don’t seem to catch current episodes on our regional channel but mostly rely on the replays on Amazon or Netflix. Since I didn’t see last night’s episode, I don’t know for sure what you’re talking about. BUT, I have a good idea. I’m surprised Jim didn’t put up a fuss about it. Maybe he did behind the scenes (and probably got nowhere). We ARE in the world and in that sense are exposed to much of what we disagree with, but we aren’t OF the world, meaning we don’t have to participate. Through blogging, I’ve discovered there are MANY Christians who live a Godly life…many more than the media wants us to think exist and thrive! Yes, God is still God! And, He is so good…