How to Have a Plentiful Harvest

I mentioned the other day that it’s harvest time here in The Land of Making Do.

Harvesting Soy Beans

God blessed our farmer friend with a productive crop this year.  Remember him – dad to Biscuit Maker Daughter from Baker, Baker, Biscuit Maker?

Father Farmer takes very good care of the crop land.

He fertilizes, maintains proper drainage, enhances the soil quality – all the good things necessary for encouraging a good harvest.

Galatians 6:7-9

Our farmer lives to satisfy the needs of the land, which is good.  The harvest is plentiful.

He, among others, live to also satisfy the Spirit.  He strives to meet the needs of others, which pleases God.  His life harvest will be and is  blessed.

Will your life harvest be blessed?  Will mine?

I noticed the last five words…

if we don’t give up.

Yes, it gets hard.  We get tired, we may want to give up.  But these words reminded me this morning.

We cannot give up.

He will supply the strength to continue – to reap a harvest of blessing – for His glory.  To honor God.

Something to ponder as we worship our Lord today on this spectacular Sunday!




  1. says

    I just love this post. I grew up on a farm and there is nothing more enriching in ones life than to be
    a witness to working the fields, tending to, growing, reaping.
    Indeed our Heavenly Father has Blessed us richly.
    Wishing you a Blessed Sunday,