His Understanding, Not Ours

It’s human nature to look to “pretty people” for leadership.  You know pretty people – those who dress and act eloquently and who are smooth-talkers.  How wonderful it would be to have leaders with a heart for God!  But, we look to the exterior and end up with consequences. We must be careful what we ask for.

When Israel asked for a king (over God), God gave them their way.  He does that sometimes, in spite of the fact that His way would be much more beneficial for us.   Why would God’s people insist on having a king when they had the creator of our universe to lead them?  What an insult to God.

…For now we have added to our sins by asking for a king.  (I Samuel 12:19b)

God gave His people their desired king – Saul.  He was tall, dark, and handsome.  He looked like a strong leader should look.  As it turned out, Saul was a mess in the end…apparent mental illness, definite paranoia and aggression, plus more.

If we pray and act in His will (rather than blindly pleading our case), we avoid regret later.

In I Samuel 12:20-22, Samuel begged the people not to return to worthless idols.  The wooden carvings were powerless to rescue them.  Yes, God’s people were sinful.  But, Samuel told them to worship the Lord their God with all their heart and not turn their backs on Him (again) in any way.

Proerbs 3:5Image Source

Samuel the prophet told the Israelites to look at God’s actions in the past as a testimony of His faithfulness. Though God’s people were wayward, He promised not to abandon them, not because they deserved it, but to avoid bringing dishonor to His great name.

Oh, the love of our Father! He is gracious, and He forgives us!  We should never give up trusting the Lord.  Our ways are not His ways.  Even when we lack understanding, we must trust Him.

Have you insisted on your way before God’s way in the past?  Did God give you your way?  Did you live to regret your request?


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