Where Would You Go?

I just wonder…if given the choice between living in a place of comfort and protection or staying in a difficult situation, which would I choose?  Which would you choose?

Would we go where God wanted us to go, or would we go where we’d be more comfortable?

James 4:10

While reading the book of Jeremiah with the Jubilee Journey (reading through the Bible) group yesterday, I was surprised by a particular decision Jeremiah made.

As God’s judgment on His people in the land of Judah, they were exiled to Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem and Judea.  God left a remnant in the land, mostly the poor, the blind and crippled, and also those with a criminal history.

Jeremiah found favor with Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon.

The captain of the guard called for Jeremiah and said, ‘The Lord your God has brought this disaster on this land, just as he said he would.  For these people have sinned against the Lord and disobeyed him.  That is why it happened.  Now I am going to take off your chains and let you go.  If you want to come with me to Babylon, you are welcome.  I will see that you are well cared for.  But if you don’t want to come, you may stay here.  The whole land is before you – go wherever you like. (Jeremiah 40:2-4)

Wouldn’t many of us choose the easier life King Neb offered?  Thankfully, Jeremiah wasn’t like many of us.  He chose to stay with the remnant and minister to them, continue to prophesy God’s Word.

We have friends who are buying homes in Costa Rica.  They’re disgusted with our country, so they plan to leave.  Granted, not everyone has that choice.  Most of us couldn’t afford to do it, but if it were doable, would you do it?

I’ve thought a lot about that since hearing of the plans of our friends.  Costa Rica is beautiful, but God calls us to do different things.  I think God would want us to go wherever He sends us.  Don’t you?

If the economy totally crashed, food was scarce, and life got really hard here, what would you do?

He may ask us to stay and minister to those here in our sphere of influence.  Would you?


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    I never quite thought about this kind of subject that way before. I don’t agree with running away like that. I also feel people forget just how good we really have it here. It’s like divorcing and marrying another. You just trade up for a different set of problems.

    • says

      You make a good point, Liz. No place is perfect, and each has its own set of problems. I would only go if God made it clear He wanted me to go, and it still might be hard in a lot of ways. Thanks, Liz!