Go Ahead – Throw a Fit! God Can Take It

It sounds bold, doesn’t it?  Last Sunday, when we talked about standing by your man, I left that post as finished but continued by writing this one.  There’s so much more to be said here.  I’ve written this post several times in my mind over the last two years.  But, it wasn’t the right time.  Yet.

I mentioned praying fervently for a personal matter and how God answered my prayer in miraculous ways.  Yes, I can sing His praises now.  But in those long months of waiting, it was hard to sing His praises.

Have you ever been devastated by life’s events to the point of wishing you weren’t here?  I begged God to end it now.  I wanted to be with Him – away from this life and the pain in it.  I wasn’t going to kill myself, but I lived dead.

And that was wrong.

God doesn’t want us to live dead…but Satan loves it – because we are ineffective for God’s Kingdom.  When we live dead, Satan’s got us right where he wants us.

Have you been through anything similar – something completely debilitating and undoing?  Yes, it’s not good to be undone – done with life – as if we have no hope.

Because we do have hope.   His name is Jesus.

Proverbs 3.5Image Source

We are human, and God created us in His image.  When Eve bit that apple, sin entered the world.

Thank you, Eve.  Now we have a battle to fight…
every moment of every day.

I know it’s wrong to hate, but I’m pretty bold about this hatred I have for Satan.  He’s mean, ugly, and ruthless!

Our Hope – Jesus – is bigger and stronger than Satan.  Jesus has dominion over all evil, and Satan himself fears Him.

Many years ago, before I knew the power of Jesus, I would have been hurt by someone or some situation in my life, but I would have accepted it eventually.  In time, I would adjust.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  But now, in my later years…I know.  Now things are different.

There are thousands of promises God made to us, his children, in His Word – The Holy Bible.  (It’s a great book.  If you’ve never read it, you really should!)

We Christians, over time, have learned to cower in the face of sin.  Why?  We can stand firmly on God’s promises!  We can pray those verses back to Him, demanding that He prove Himself True.  We can shout them at Him, even.  He’s a big God, and He can take it!

When we are firm in His foundation, we can be that way – demanding and foot stomping mad – and He can handle it.  He loves us, you and me.  He is compassionate!

But…(and we always know there’s one of those)…we pray firmly while waiting for Him to perfectly craft the repair of our circumstances.

Yes, we get discouraged.  As Charles Stanley confirms…we don’t have to accept it.  We can choose to be encouraged by God’s promises – and stand firm on those promises, determined not to leave Him or His will for us.

Will you do that today?  Will you live in expectancy of how God will work (is working already!) in your circumstances?