Outdoor Blessings

“The blossoming vines spread thin fragrance.”  Song of Songs 2:13

Getting your hands in the dirt is therapeutic.  It’s calming.  It gives you time to ponder as you work, accomplishes much, and provides a huge sense of satisfaction in the end.  Plants bloom, give us fruit and veggies to eat, or simply change with the seasons to add interest throughout the seasons.

I love all seasons, don’t you?  God gives us blessings during every season of each year and of life, so let’s appreciate each one.  I don’t want to miss where I am in the current season by always looking too fondly at the next.  You miss so much in life by wishing it away.  That was my way in earlier years, but not anymore.  My motto these days during my Autumn of life is this.

Embrace This Season