A Little Fun on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is hard for some, and for many different reasons.  If you fall into this group, I prayed for you this morning – that you will find a focus that’s positive, like a friend who is a good mother that you can honor.  I hope you can think on the fond memories you have, rather than the not-so-fond.

Mother's Day, Exodus 20:12

Our Lord is the Healer of all broken hearts, so seek Him.  He is the balm that heals our wounds.  He loves you!  Focus on that today if your day will be one of solitude rather than celebration.

Whether you’ve experienced child-birth or not, I think you’ll get a lift and a laugh from the video I share today.  (It’s possible you’ve seen it before.)  Laughter is good medicine, even for the well!

I ran across this video last year.  Can you believe I saved it for you all these months?  I love to laugh, and I enjoy giving others a reason to laugh.  For Mother’s Day, I wanted you to see at least a couple of men that understand our pain.

OK, moms everywhere, here’s the big “thank you”.

I thank the Lord for giving us humor – and moms.   🙂


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  1. Patricia says

    Happy Mother’s Day to a true Woman of the Faith and a wonderful inspiration. The video is priceless. Here’s to all the strong women of the world…may we be them, may we raise them, may we know them.

    • says

      Awe, thank you, Patricia. I’m glad you took the video in the spirit it was shared. It’s a little hard to watch others in pain, but it was for a good cause, right? Those men have a new appreciation for the pain of childbirth. I love your comment ending. So be it! 🙂

  2. Penny says

    Thank-you so much Kim for your kind words and well wishes. That was quite the video and all in all I thought they were good sports to go along with something that they had nothing to gain other than the respect for what we go through.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too.

    • says

      Yes, they were good sports! Those fellows did it to prove their point, and they were in for a real surprise. I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!