How to Make Your Own Custom Fringe

Do you ever have trouble finding the right fringe?  Do you ever have trouble finding some you can afford?

We all know that fringe isn’t cheap.  My friend Debi at My Own Fringemaker helps us out with that.  Thanks, Debi!  You’re a genius!

Make Your Own Custom Fringe

Debi explains things best in her short video (one among many on her site).

Debi shows many fringe examples on her site under her Gallery menu tab.  You’ll find helpful video tutorials under her How-To Videos menu tab.

Debi demonstrates the fringe-maker’s easy assembly and process of making fringe in this video.

I made a simple round pillow with matching fringe and tassel for the guest room I’m redecorating upstairs.

Custom Pillow with Custom Fringe

I placed the pillow over the drapery fabric so you can see how I matched the colors of the fringe with yarns and DMC thread. (HobLob had a great sale recently – bonus!)

Custom Yarns and Threads

It’s very easy to make the fringe, and Debi’s fringe-maker comes with a warning: it can be addictive!

Knot your yarns onto one of the rods and start turning the knob.  It felt so homespun, like I was spinning wool – like back in the day – only not nearly as hard as all that.  Ha!

Beginning Frnge

Isn’t modern convenience awesome?

When you’re finished looping to the end of the rod, spacing the threads apart as you like, remove the ends and take it to the sewing machine.

Threading Finished

If your sewing desk is against a wall, angle your machine for better clearance.

Angled Machine

You can stitch across the fringe with thread alone, but I decided to make my stitch line over tiny decorative rick-rack (also on clearance at HobLob).

Stitching Fringe

It gives a decorative front to fringe that won’t be sewn into a seam of your project.

End your stitches at the end, but don’t cut off the trim yet.

First Strip Complete

Spin  (ha!) another strip of yarn to add to the first strip.  When finished, take it to your sewing machine and place your other strip against it.  Place the trim over the beginning yarns and avoid any gaps between strips.  I moved my presser foot aside so you can see how it fits together nicely.

Beginning Second Strip

Stitch to the end of that strip, and remove it from the rods.  Voila!  A nice, long strand for your project.

Custom Project Fringe

I left my fringe loops uncut until seeing it on my pillow.  Once you cut, you can never go back, right?

Beginning about an inch from the end, hot glue the back side of the fringe to your piece, like I did with my pillow.  Aren’t I sneaky to hide the pillow seam this way?  Ha!

Hot Gluing Fringe Onto Piece

Glue all the way around until the fringe end just barely runs under the beginning end.  Snip the beginning end trim (my rick-rack) to 1/4″.

Attaching Ends

Hot glue that end, and you’re done.

Edging Trim Complete

Here’s my pillow with the looped fringe.

Looped Fringe Pillow

On Monday, I’ll share how to make this fat tassel button for the center.

Custom Pillow with Custom Fringe

After adding my tassel, I decided I wanted the fringe loops cut to match.  Easily done.

Cutting Fringe Loops

Thanks to Debi for designing this easy way to make our own fringe!

Visit Her site (My Own Fringemaker) and check out all her example fringes and helpful videos.

My Own Fringmaker

Debi offers you a special deal for a limited time:  $65 for your own fringe-maker with free shipping to 50 states.  When ordering, enter code “Curtain Queen” in the promo box to get the $65 price.

Are you needing fringe to match special items in your home?  Isn’t making your own custom fringe a fabulous idea?



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  1. Debi says

    Lovely fringed pillow and pom pom! Looks like you made fringe quickly and easily and it makes such a dramatic pop of trim. Great job!

  2. teresa says

    Love this tutorial. However, since the change over, I’m now receiving two email notices; one with the link and one without. Just though you’d like to know.

    • says

      Thanks, Teresa. Yes, I’m the dummy who sent the first email without the link. :-/ Obviously, I’m not talented at all with our modern convenience called technology. Happy Friday – and weekend!

  3. Marian says

    What a difference fringe makes, really pulling it all together with little effort or cost. looking forward to more uses from the fringe maker and to personalizing gifts.