Fringed Lamp Shade DIY

When you have a room filled with details, a plain lamp shade can really get lost.  You saw this room picture that was taken before finishing the two footstools and the lamp shade on the far bedside table.

Romantic Rod Pocket Panels

Romantic Room with Rod Pocket Panels

Here’s the lamp with the new fringe I made with My Own Fringe Maker.

Guest Room Redecorated

Just as I showed you in How to Make Your Own Custom Fringe, I threaded several colors and types of yarns onto my fringe maker.  I put it under my presser foot and placed the card ready to guide the yarn threads beneath while sewing.

My Own Fringe Maker Fringe

Sometimes I need three hands to hold things and get a picture at the same time!  I really wanted to show you how I guide the presser foot over the threads.  I need video!

You can see below that I stitched fairly close to the top bar.

Fringe After Stitching

I trimmed the lower yarn threads by running a large pair of scissors along the metal rod.

Cutting Yarn Threads

After releasing the rods, I positioned the lamp over one of the numbered planters I was working on in the studio.  It was the perfect platform.

Lamp Ready for Fringe Addition

Debi at My Own Fringe Maker shows you to stitch some sort of gimp to the fringe while sewing the fringe.  But, I discovered when I made the Santa’s Beard Runners that if you stitch the fringe with no gimp, it expands while still holding the yarns securely.  That way, you get more mileage from one strip of fringe.

I attached the fringe with hot glue along the stitch line.

Gluing Fringe

It’s a good idea to trim the fringe to snip any straggly ends.

Trimming Fringe

As a final step, I glued gimp over the stitch line as well as around the top rim of the lamp.

Lamp Fringe DIY

The gimp along the rim gives the lamp balance.

Gimp Around Lamp Shade Rim

It’s fun to make your own fringe – and easy with My Own Fringemaker.  The ability to make fringe in your choice of colors and styles is invaluable.

Thank you, Debi Weinert, for sharing your fringemaker with us!

What’s on your project list this week?


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    Kim, what a lovely accent to an ordinary lampshade. Sometimes all it takes is a touch of trim (fringe) to a statement. The fringed lampshade balances the corner of the room and makes the look lovely! Great job and thanks for posting!

    • says

      Thanks, Debi. It was such a quick and easy addition, too. I agree about the balance. The shade was completely lost before adding the trim! Thanks for inventing your fringemaker. 🙂

    • says

      Thank you, Pam. Yes, the fringemaker really makes it easy to make custom fringe. It’s fun to try new things with it!