French Shelf for a Farm Kitchen

French Shelf for a Farm Kitchen

I found this shelf last summer at a roadside junk shop in Alabama called The Mud Hole.  They had no mud, but they had lots of treasures – cheap prices, too.

This shelf was filled with trinkets, and I bought it for $15.  (Minus the trinkets.)

Antique Shelf

I realize this shelf is supposed to sit on top of a dresser – not hung on the wall.  I even have the dresser that matches it upstairs in the Craft Cave.

But, I went ahead with the plan to hang it.  First, it needed a little paint.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, in the color of Primer Red was the first coat.  Yes, I was doing a painting project in the kitchen again – my favorite place to paint, y’all.  I can’t help it.

ASCP in Primer Red

This was pre-puppy days, so I will be painting in the garage from now on.  Except, I can always drag some saw horses into the kitchen.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way, as they say.

I roughed it up a little with sandpaper and painted a second coat with Valspar Super-Flat (a chalk paint substitute) in the Annie Sloan color of Emperor’s Silk.

Valspar Chalk Paint Substitute

You can see the contrast better here between the two paint colors, except the Valspar paint is wet.  It’s shiny here, but it dries flat.

Shelf While Painting

The Valspar paint color looks much more vibrant, so I thought the shelf would turn out a brighter color.  I painted it the Annie Sloan way – with brush strokes in all directions.  It’s a fun way to paint!

Paint Strokes Varied

I expected to see the strokes when it dried, as well as a lot of the Primer Red color peaking through.  But it looks fairly smooth, with little color variation.

Side View of French Shelf

You can barely see my sanded areas along the edges.

French Shelf Close-up

Although the color matches my chairs and window treatments well, it does have that country look.

Painted Shelf Hanging in Kitchen

It’s not exactly the look I was going for.  This picture from Annie Sloan’s book, Creating The French Look, is something I would like much better.

Annie Sloan French Shelf

Isn’t it lovely?  My shelf has no drawers, but I think I could achieve a similar look.  What do you think?

Keep in mind, things are getting pretty busy in the room, especially with my recent Home Jewelry addition – the stained glass door.

Door After

The Kitchen Side of the Door

With a love of color, I can go a little crazy with it.  So, for now, I’m leaving well enough alone.

ASCP Shelf

Sometimes we have to let things settle – in our minds, if nothing else.  There’s a shock factor after you add something new, and you don’t always like it at first.  If you grow into it, you’ll know it’s what you want.  If you don’t grow into it within a few weeks, it’s time to change it.

I’ll keep you posted if I decide to repaint the shelf using the Annie Sloan shelf as inspiration.  At the moment, I’m waiting to grow into it, but the Annie Sloan shelf is calling me.  So, we’ll see…

If you’re interested, click the link below to check out her book* at

Do you have any projects you’re growing into?

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  1. Elaine says

    Possibly the original was painted black first, then red and when sanded the dark color came thru. Would more harder sanding achieve your look?

    • Kim Hood says

      I don’t think so. I should have painted it white first – over the stained finished. The white would show better in the sanded areas. Thanks, Elaine! 🙂

  2. Rhonda Allred says

    Always love red, country or French. Perhaps if you distressed heavily around the corners and curves and dark waxed the entire shelf it would bring out the look you are wanting. Although very pretty, it doesn’t look quite finished yet.

    • Kim Hood says

      Thanks, Rhonda. Yes, I agree. Although, the dark wax would make it look darker, I think a lighter Annie Sloan color with a dark wax might look good – but keep the red accents. So many choices!

    • Kim Hood says

      Wow! I can hardly wait! I might be inspired to paint mine. 🙂 (Don’t tell MIL – it was her engagement present from FIL, so she might freak.) On second thought, I’ll think about it a loooooong time before doing that project. 😉

  3. says

    I know how you feel when you think you’re going to get a different look than you end up with. But…this is lovely and it shows off your ironstone beautifully. So…in my humble opinion…maybe this was a happy different. 😉

    Your dining space looks so very charming and homey. I’ll be over. 😉

    • Kim Hood says

      Diane, I’d love for you to visit! I appreciate your helpful opinion. We’ll see…maybe it will stay this way. 🙂

  4. says

    Cool transformation Kim! I love ASCP! I think your shelf would look good in old white too~ maybe with the dark wax accents~

  5. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I do NOT like the distressed look with sanding.

    I like it as is, so sorry, cause it is your house and your shelf and all that.

    But I think it and your home is so beautiful and you definitely do quality work in everything.