Four Major Areas That Pack a Punch at Christmas

We’ve had our pre-lit Martha Stewart Christmas tree for thirteen years.  The tree has been wonderful all these years…just remove three sections from the box, snap them together, plug in the light sections, and you’re good to go.

Not so this year.  It must be the unlucky thirteen!

I put our tree together the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Yikes – huge sections of no lights!  HH worked endlessly repairing lights, and we still had unlit sections.

Frankly, I would have given up long before he did.  I was willing to forego having a tree altogether this year.  But when a friend gave me this ornament, I was so glad we didn’t!

O Christmas Tree

We have so much going on in the lives of our kids right now – graduation…a major move…surgery.  Visitors coming in and out, meals and presents to prepare, a recovering patient under our roof.  While maintaining involvement in Christmas gatherings, it seems like a roller-coaster ride this year.

Don’t get me wrong.  We don’t want to miss a thing, but we can barely keep up.  Do you feel that way sometimes?

Over the last two weeks, as HH worked on lights, ordered replacement parts, made trips to civilization to purchase more bulbs (and on and on, endlessly it seemed), I focused on other main areas.

Pack a Punch in Christmas Decorating

Remember, I spent minimal time on all of it.  So, these are the basics, folks.


Four Main Areas to Decorate for Christmas

One:  The front door wreath.

Vintage Travel Trailer Door Decor

Vintage Travel Trailer Door Decor DIY

Two:  The banister.

Banister Garland

Choosing a Christmas Decor Theme

Three:  The Mantel

Christmas Mantel

Four:  The Tree

Finally, as of Tuesday, Voila!

Christmas Highlights

After the four main areas, anything else is a bonus, right?

One day, I added the nativity scene on the vintage sewing machine in the foyer.


It literally took five minutes to bring the box down and set it out.


We enjoy board games and puzzles, so we’ll be working this new puzzle together during the holidays.  Until we break open the box, it’s a simple addition to the decor.

Christmas Highlights

Our Christ Story is a fun part of our Christmas every year!

At my parents’ house, the kids handed out packages wearing their Santa hats when they were young.  The collection stands ready on the book-shelf.

Christmas Highlights

I placed an old step-ladder (given to us by Mom 2) beside the tree.  As soon as it was decorated, I snapped pictures to share.

Christmas Highlights

An elf on the step-ladder shelf.

Christmas Highlights

Santa standing in his sleigh of greenery.

Christmas Highlights

To create a better traffic flow for working the puzzle, I moved the step-ladder.  Did you notice in the tree picture it was moved to the other side?

Christmas Highlights

A replacement angel is due to arrive today.  It won’t be the same, but it’s OK.

How to Have Peace

How to Have Peace

In the midst of the Christmas rush, remember.


Love is the reason we decorate for Christmas.  So, keep the love by leaving behind extras you may not have time for this year.  Keep the main thing the main thing.  Love.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Are you taking things down a notch or up a notch this year?

His blessings~











  1. Robin says

    I don’t think I am taking them up a notch. Maybe not down a notch either. I’m going a bit sideways. Ha!

    Our tree is not up yet. We have to remove the table and lamp first. And the dog’s crate. No idea where to put that. He needs to be near the tv so as to keep him from being anxious thinking “It’s too quiet. Nobody is here with me.”

    And then I have to get all my EBAY out of the living room. I’ll be so glad when the basement is done! I’m sitting here amongst the EBAY ABYSS. Looks like an episode of Hoarders in here! Ha!

    Today is our 4th anniversary so I am getting EVeRYTHinG out of here and downstairs. I don’t know how I will arrange everything so I can FIND it again, but I’m doing it.

    Speaking of Hoarders … Sunday I got a bag of miscellaneous painted small wooden decorations. Country–ish stuff. It had stuff for a few holidays in it. Back when my kids were little that was a big decor thing here. Oh. For a BUCK, I might add. So last night I finally opened the bag. It had 4 holiday’s worth and there were 4 pieces attached together with curled wire and pieces of cloth. Christmas, Thanksgiving,Easter,Valentine’s Day. So I looked at one and said, “Maybe it’s supposed to go around a candle ?” Then I said to ST, “I don’t know WHAT it is but they were only a buck ” Wittingly, ST said, “I don’t know what it is but it was only a buck. True sign of a hoarder!” Hahahahahaha I can’t be mad. She has my wit. Lol

    In my defense, I figured I could disconnect the wires and use each piece on some kind of wood project. A crafter has lots of “I don’t know what I am going to do with this, but I know one day I will use it” finds. Am I right? Lol

    Many a school project was saved with some of my “hoarding”. I have to remind ST of that. It’s not like they will take up that much room. They don’t even fill a gallon baggie. Sheesh. And I have a shoe box for them to go in. I used to grab a lot of miniature stuff when AC Moore had them on sidewalk sales. From 5 cents to a quarter. Tepees and trees were used for their school projects. I even remember them needing a tiny person figure. I had it! Lol

    Enough procrastinating. Quincy and I have some rearranging to do. He loves to follow me up and down the stairs. Like he might miss something. lol it’s good exercise for him. And me!

    I wore him out when moving my winter clothes upstairs and summer downstairs the other day. I think I went up and down 50 times. One time he stayed downstairs. I figured he was sniffing out whatever. Nope. He was laying on the floor like “you go. I’ll wait here” Pup was dog tired. Ha!

    • says

      Haha…yes, you are right! Poor Quincy. You wore him out! Congrats on your wooden decorations find. I know you’ll use it all for something, even if it takes a while. I’ve often wondered if I’ll ever reach the point of clearing everything out except books and computer. I’d have plenty to do, but what if I get the itch to make something again? Probably would happen, and I’d have to go and buy all new stuff. Not affordable! Let’s stick together on this one. Hee hee. 🙂

    • says

      Thank you, Pam. I’ve never been one to deck our halls to the max, but I do like to have decorations in every room of the main living areas. We’ve been in and out so much, I’ve barely noticed not having everything out. Ha! I hope you enjoy your Christmas!

  2. Dale S. says

    Beautiful decorations!Love that you have kept it simple with the four areas and a nativity!
    Merry,merry Christmas!

    • says

      Thank you! I finally got the tree decorated, and now I’ll take it down in just over a week! Is your Christmas break flying by, too? I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas!