What’s Blooming Wednesday #2

Welcome to the second What’s Blooming Wednesday!

I’m excited to share with you today all the new flowers blooming and seedlings peeking above the earth here in The Land of Making Do.  Remember the irises you saw last week in What’s Blooming Wednesday #1?  There seem to be millions (possibly a slight exaggeration) this week.


Iris Blooms Galore!

Seriously.  Does anyone want any of these?  I love them, but the white irises are taking over, crowding shrubs in bush beds all around our house.


Purple and White Iris

I have only a few purple, so I won’t be parting with any of those.

Purple Iris


The pass-along Sweet William I received last year is healthy and blooming beautifully.  Truly sweet!


Sweet William Blooms

Hovering above the little patch of Sweet William is a row of Knock-out Roses bursting with blooms.  I hesitated to show you this side of the house, though.

Last year I killed all the grass, making room for my big plan of an English garden (and making room for weeds to grow in place of the grass).  Think I bit off more than I could chew with this 20 x 30 foot area.  With a power line, internet lines, and sewer processing pipes below ground, everything must be carefully hand-dug.

Do you ever have big dreams but find you have small energy?


Red Knock-out Roses

I’m waiting for a sudden burst of that energy to get me moving forward on the dream garden.  I’ll let you know when it progresses past the point of waiting.  Meanwhile, please ignore that weedy section to the left of the knock-outs.

I peeked into a low, shady spot and spied this little shamrock.  Such a waste to have a flower just blooming away, totally out of view.  Unappreciated.  I peeled back some branches and gave it a little camera appreciation.  Don’t you love those purple leaves contrasted with the lime green vine there?


Purple Shamrock Plant

The first peony bloom arrived this week, and as of this morning, several more have joined the first.  This was a pass-along from the same sharing friend who gave me the Sweet William.  She brought me two Peony plants year before last during the dormant season and had no idea the color of the blooms (she has many colors, I guess).  Turns out, one is white with a hint of powder pink at the base.

Do you adore powder pink as much as I do?


First Peony, 2013

The second plant produced only one bloom last year – dark pink.  No buds yet this year, but I hope something will appear soon.

Let’s discuss peonies for a bit.  I’ll continue showing pictures of various blooms and seedlings while we talk about them, OK?  Like a virtual stroll while we chat.


White Peony Bloom

Do you pronounce it pee-uh-nee or pee-oh-nee (emphasis on the oh)?


Peony Bloom

I recently received correction when I said pee-uh-nee, which was how my Mid-western neighbor pronounced Peony.  She had a yard full of flowers to enjoy, and hers were my first exposure to these beauties.

I innocently repeated her Mid-western pronunciation of Peony when the correction occurred.


Sunflower Seedling

I researched the proper pronunciation, because a queen really needs to know the truth about this whole peony business.  Don’t you feel uncomfortable when you get the impression that someone thinks you’re stupid uneducated?


Elephant Ear Seedling

I found that it’s a regional thing and both are correct.

If you are in the South, you’d better say pee-oh-nee, and give that oh its proper due, unless you want to be corrected (wink).  Anywhere else in the country, you’re safe with pee-uh-nee, with three equally emphasized syllables.


Delicious Apple Blossoms


I’ll try to remember to say pee-oh-nee since I am truly a Southerner

To avoid future correction, please hear me say pee-uh-nee when you see the word Peony written anywhere on my blog if you are not a Southerner.  A queen never wants to appear uneducated, y’all my lovely friends.  (Wink.)

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  1. says

    Oooooohhhh!!! Pretty! Your space is MUCH more populated with flowers than anywhere around these parts. Heck…we’re actually expecting SNOW tomorrow. Even though it’s not expected to be measurable, it’s still SNOW!!!! I’m not quite sure how to handle that since just last night I was out on the deck grilling in shorts and a tank top! (Big as I am, ANY top is a TANK top! :-))

    I ALWAYS have bigger dreams than my energy level can conquer! It’s the way of the world, I think! I wake up each day with the intention of doing 100,000 things. I’m lucky if I get 2 done!

    I love powder pink more than I can say!!! It is the undeniable mark of all that is feminine and sweet! I’m sure your peonies are just GORGEOUS with that little touch of it! I used to pronounce it pee-OH-nee until I heard Martha refer to it as PEE-uh-nee some years ago. I have since pronounced it the Martha way…much to the chagrin of many around me who I’m not sure are necessarily from the South! 🙂

    I wish I lived a lot closer so that I could swing by and scoop up some of those irises!!!! They would look SO pretty in our yard, especially now that the house is newly painted. I didn’t realize they proliferate like that! That’s pretty cool!!!

    • says

      Snow! Wow, that’s incredible. I think it’s heading this way, because we have cooler weather coming, but no snow. I wish you could come by, too, and take some of these irises away. But we would sit down and have a nice chat first! We’d have so much to talk about!! As far as peony pronunciation, tomato-tomotto…. 😉

  2. says

    Your garden looks fabulous! I’m so with you on the energy part. If I only had the energy to complete half of the projects I envision.

    Hope you’ll be sharing this at Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

    • says

      Thank you! Maybe we need some super vitamins for energy. 🙂 I’d love to share this post for Seasonal Sundays. See you then!

  3. says

    Love this post….I know exactly how you feel…..every spring I say I need more flower beds….and at the end of summer I say uhhh I’m getting to old for all this work! and those white irises….I wish we were neighbors! I know just where I’d put them! One last thing….its Pee UH nee…Tell miss manners respect the twang! LOL (southerner here too and a new follower!)

  4. says

    Your garden areas are lovely. I just love your pee oh nee (that is correct for us southern ladies)…I am anxiously awaiting mine blooming. Thanks for sharing, visiting from BNOP.