My Family’s Favorite Tablescape Ever

Last Friday, I was suddenly struck with a thought.

“What if I culled through our family pictures for those with HH and the kids in their early years? 

What if I spread them all over the dining table? 

What if we ate in there for Father’s Day?

Father's Day Tablescape

After collecting a pile of photos on Friday, I set everything out early the next day while HH was away.  The table was already set with cloth and centerpiece from having friends over, so I set fresh dishes and silverware.

The greenery wasn’t as fresh as originally, so I added branches of Rosemary for a nice scent.

Center Collection

I placed the photographs all around.

Photograph Display

The photos were arranged so that each person at the table had plenty to view of all ages and types, and a few around the centerpiece, too.

Photo Placement

One special group pic was under each clear salad plate – a fun one with special memories, reminders that Dad was always there, hugging, laughing, loving…excuse me while I get a tissue.

Place Setting

I admit the table wasn’t all that pretty.  It looked pretty messy, actually.  But, pretty wasn’t the really the point this time.

Above all, it was a huge hit!  We all loved sitting and looking at the pictures.

Favorite Photos Table Decor

We laughed, some cried (well, maybe just me), and we reminisced about the good ol’ days.  This was the best Father’s Day gift I could have given to HH!  (That  was the point.)  We all were blessed by it, not only HH.

Photo Table Decor

He even caught Fun Son snapping a pic with his phone to send to someone…probably Sweet One (wink).

Full Photo Table Decor

I had an inkling we would enjoy this table of pictures…but I had no idea how deeply meaningful it would be for us all.

Do you think you could forego beauty to enjoy all the memories?  Don’t you agree it’s worth it?


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  1. says

    Kim that was a super idea- I love it! I can imagine it brought up conversations and a lot of reminiscing. Seems like everyone is always snapping pictures and sending them to someone these days (I’m guilty too)! Honestly I don’t remember very many times that there was much of a fancy table arrangement other than putting out the good dishes when I was a child. With all the food that went on the table there wasn’t really room for it! It’s the memories of being together that really count. XO Liz
    Liz @ Infuse With Liz recently posted…My Backyard UpdatedMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks, Liz. It was even so much better than I expected! It’s sad that since we now take digital pictures, the kids reached an age where we had not more printed pictures. 🙂

  2. Penny says

    What a sweet memory you have created Kim. It honestly made me smile and really it was n’t meant to be a pretty table that day, although I thought it looked special just the way it was.

  3. says

    Kim, ok I love it! This is wonderful. It doesn’t look messy to me at all. Nothing beats family sitting at the table looking at old family photographs. The kind you can actually hold in your hand. A perfect Father’s Day gift of memories. Priceless! Love each place setting with a photo under the glass salad plate. This really gives me inspiration to do a photo table runner. Thanks for sharing, and again…Kudos to you!

  4. Dale Shadden says

    What a great idea and a beautiful table!! …not a messy, Kim!!!…a table full of sweet memories!!

    Love it!

  5. says

    Kim- I absolutely love this idea… I hope you don’t mind I’m going to steal it! I love your heart and I believe that was an inspiration from the Lord!

  6. says

    Honestly Kim
    I think your table was beautiful…………in more ways than one!
    First of all it was a beautiful idea, and 2nd of all I think the table looks
    beautifully decorated as well………….and the subtle colors were perfect
    for a guy……..
    I did a table similar to that a few years ago for my hubbies birthday
    but I put the pictures in clear glasses, but my family really enjoyed
    that too. Sweet memories are the best gift we can give anyone,
    and you certainly did that……….Good for you, and so glad your
    family, especially you hubby enjoyed it so much.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea…………
    Blessings, Nellie

    • says

      Thank you so much, Nellie. After clearing the table, I stacked up the pictures. I left them out in the family room, and all of us have looked through them several times. I’m still amazed how much we needed the reminders of some very magical times. We all need that, don’t we?

  7. says

    What a GREAT idea!!! I think I am going to copy this idea for my son’s birthday which is coming up at the end of the month. I will find photos of my son with each person to put under their individual glass plate (I already have a set of those). Thank you for the inspiration. I think it will make the tablescape very special indeed.
    Michelle from