Fall Farmhouse Porch Decor

Sometimes the Fall Harvest has a surprise in store.  Sunflower blooms are filled with seeds, even after they bit the dust before full maturity.

When the weather destroys beautiful sunflower blooms early, all you can do is cut them, dry them, and see what happens.  Can you see the dried blooms stuck here and there around the goat wagon?  The gazillions of seeds will be saved for the birds this winter.

Fall Farmhouse Porch Decor

I did nothing special to dry the sunflowers.  After cutting the stems about 10 inches below the blooms, I stuck them around various areas of the porch.  Not upside down, or anything like you may have heard about.  Here they are not quite dry in this September picture that I found no need to publish at the time.

Painted Gourds and Sunflowers Drying

The dry weather and breezy porch took care of everything for me.  The rooster was flying high then, too.

Rooster Flying High

Naturally, hay bales and real pumpkins are a must during Fall.  The pumpkin will last through Thanksgiving and into December – unless I decide to carve it.

Hay Bales and Pumpkins

I painted the pumpkin gourd orange and added the Chevron stripe with the dots.  Just for fun.

Below, you’ll notice I captured Suzy-Q in a picture without her realizing it.  She’s a formerly abused dog, so she’s very skittish.  A farmhouse porch is only complete with a dog “lazing” about.

Front Entry

Is she looking at those candy corns.  I wonder if she knows they’re not really candy.

Front Porch Decorative Planters

Wait…she’s never had candy corn.

Candy Corn Gourd

It certainly doesn’t smell like candy.  I painted a couple of gourds.  I know you remember the gourds. 😉

I love candy corn!  It is everything Fall in one little colorful bite of sweetness.

Maybe Suzy has spied the ghost pumpkin.  Is she deciding whether to be afraid or not?

Peek-a-boo Gourd

It’s actually another gourd – painted, of course.
Painted Gourd

That branch is in the right place for a mouth.  Strictly coincidence.  (Or, ghostly spirits trickery?)


Ha!  You have to know I don’t believe in entertaining ghosts.  Except the Holy Ghost, of course. 🙂

Happy Fall, y’all!

I’ve been waiting to say that.  Thank you for visiting so I could say “Happy Fall, y’all.”  (It doesn’t take much to make me happy.)

How is your Fall going?  Is it feeling “Fall-ish” at your house yet?

Hey, another quick note.  First thing this morning, I visited PILLOWS A-LA-MODE.  Kathryn made four five amazing items from a treasured dress belonging to the winner of her 2-year blogiversary neighborly blog contest.  I can hardly believe how much she got out of one dress, and I really want you to see it!  So, click HERE to see her blog post about it.  Enjoy, y’all!

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Thanks, y’all.

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    Your porch looks amazing! I grew up on a farm, and Dave and I lived in the country for 12 years, so I still cherish that look and feel. We’re city folks now, but you can still see some “country” around our home here and there! 🙂 And thank you for the sweet shout out! I feel like you’re my good neighbor, too, dear Kim! 🙂

  2. says

    You know I’m loving those candy corn gourds Kim! So cute, I wish I had thought of that! Your porch looks awesome, with the black white and boo!!