Patience in Tribulation

As Christians, we should expect Satan to try his best to thwart our influence in the world.  Why?

God tells us in His word that satan (yes, little s!) will not only tempt us but attempt to steal, kill, and destroy us.

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy.  My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.

When we walk closely with the Lord, we impact the world by sharing God’s love (or, at least we should).  Satan wants to eliminate our influence for Christ.

Romans 12.12Image Source

So, who’s not  a target?

  1.  Non-Christians.
  2.  Luke-warm believers who make no impression for Christ upon the world.

I once heard a Christian speaker say,

If you have few trials in your life, that’s a sign that you’re no threat to the evil one. 

That statement hit me between the eyes.  It disturbed me because we were experiencing few trials.  It was a time of blessings in many areas. Life was really, really good.

What little I was doing to share Jesus during our busy days with young children…was it effective…was it enough…was I even making a difference?  Do you ever ask yourself that question?

On the flip side, what do we do when we are hugely involved in ministry and satan attacks at every turn?

Are we to end our ministry – our areas of influence for Christ – for life to be smooth again?

No!  Don’t let satan have his way!  Forge ahead.  You don’t want to miss out on the blessings God has in store for you.

You may think I’m crazy, but after hearing that question, I didn’t want to be left alone by satan.  Not that I like spiritual battles, but I wanted to positively influence others toward God.  I began praying, not for trouble from satan, but for God to open my eyes to new areas of influence for me and our family.  Guess what?  He answered.  He increased.  He blessed.

Did more trials come?  Eventually.  We should enjoy the good times, be thankful for them, as well as times of trial.  While enjoying God’s gift of blessed days, let us examine ourselves, serve the Lord, and prayerfully prepare for trials ahead.

It’s a spectacular Fall Sunday, y’all.  Let’s worship the Lord with gladness!






  1. Cathey DeRosa says

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your devotions. Not only that, I went through the Inspirations Scriptures with pictures and was so moved. I am on a text Scripture sharing with my daughter, son and a dear friend their age who is going through tremendous trials. He has come to the Lord through my son and we are rejoicing. The daily Scripture sharing is what’s keeping him going, but funny thing, and you know how our Lord works, it is having a powerful effect on all of us. It has been going on for over a month and we have all said, we love it and want to continue. I wish I knew how to send your devotions via phone,but am not techo-savvy. God will bless you for this ministry and no doubt many have been blessed and even saved. Blessings, Cathey DeRosa

    • says

      That’s a wonderful thing you’re doing for your kids and friend. I wish I could suggest a way to easily share my posts. Your encouragement is so kind and helpful. You’ve made my week! Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Cathey DeRosa says

    You know, Kim, another thing I thought about was your section on asking the Lord for more trials…..
    My thoughts on that; our Lord has promised us blessings in life and we are to cherish those times. They are times of rest. Yes, as even Christians sometimes we get lazy about God when this happens. However, if we are strong in the Lord, we will recognize this and be thankful. We are blessed with many joys even in the midst of horrendous trials. I know personally. They keep me going, Kim. Did you ever think that maybe your faith is so strong, you don’t even see some of the hardships in your life as “trials”?
    Just some thoughts for you to mull around. In His Name, Cathey DeRosa…..again.

    • says

      Thanks, Cathey. Yes, some of the biggest blessings were in the midst of the worst trials. God sure lets us know He is there with us! I see your point about recognizing trials. Unfortunately, I usually recognize them as such. And, the times of blessings do give us rest. Thank you for contributing your thoughts. 🙂 I hope you have a great week!

  3. Robin says

    This post is so great to read. A LOT of people don’t realize that point about when you are NOT experiencing any trials at all you are NOT a threat to satan so ya gotta examine yourself.

    Years ago, after I came to my now church, I started seeking God HARD. I would experience a series of trials. It was like satan had a schedule. 1st health, then finances, then kids, etc….one right after the other. When I would get a break for MORE than a few days I knew it was time again, and sure enough….right thru the list again. NOW, if there is not a trial of some kind every day, it is a very rare thing. Some last a LONG time. We persevere. And we thank God because we know it it getting us ready for a blessing. We do have to laugh some days cuz it gets ridiculous sometimes with so much stuff. LOL

    Oh…btw…the kitchen island….IS LAMINATED as of tonight!!!! Whoooohooo!
    So tomorrow morning I am going to enjoy breakfast on my very own personal island….oh I WISH it was a REAL island!!! hahahaha

    • says

      Thanks, Robin. I appreciate your comment so much. You seem to have experience with trials, so your opinion counts! 🙂 Great news! Enjoy your breakfast tomorrow!