“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  I Cor. 10:31

Bunnies at Breakfast

Bunnies at Breakfast

Table of the Tiniest Shamrocks

Table of the Tiniest Shamrocks

Birds of a Feather Tablescape

Birds of a Feather Eat Together

Green and White

Shamrocks Usher Spring Blooms to the Table

Porch Living Tablescape

Porch Living Tablescape

Place Setting

When You Hear the Word LOVE, Who Comes to Mind?

Powder Pink Butter Mints

Powder Pink Roses for The Sweet Life Tablescape

Farm Table of Red, White, and Black

Farm Table of Red, Black, and White

Dinner on the Train Tablescape

Dinner on the Train Tablescape

Tea Cup and Saucer

Vintage Tea Time Tablescape

Arm Chairs in the Kitchen

Arm Chairs in the Kitchen for a Grown-Up Tablescape

Sledding on Ice After Dark - A Tablescape

Rudolph Sledding
After Dark – A Tablescape

Travel Trailers in Snow at Christmas

Travel Trailers in Snow at Christmas

Olde Time Christmas Decor

An Old Tyme
Christmas Table

Santa Ho!

It’s an Olde Time Santa Ho!

My Mississippi

Thankful for My Mississippi – A Tablescape

Thanksgiving Tables in Review

Turkey Tables in Review

A-Maize-Zing Tablescape

Make Your Table A-Maize-Zing

Orange and Red for Fall

Jazz Up Your Fall Table with Orange and Red

Halloween Table of Webbing and White

Halloween Table of
Webbing and White

Owls on Tartan Table Decor

Table of Owls
on Tartan Plaid

Bedspread of Blue Into a Table for You!

Bedspread of Blue Into a Table for You

Plate Stack

Power Up Your Pumpkins With Gray

Porch Dining for Two

Launch Your Fall Decorating With a Quick Lunch on the Porch

Butternut Squash Tablescape

How to Squash Your Fall Tablescape – With Butternut!

Table Top View

Only Good Apples on THIS Family Tree Tablescape

Place Setting

How to Set a Bountiful Tablescape Harvest

Fall Season Table

How to Shine the Spotlight on Early Fall

Bon Appetit Tablescape

It’s a Bon Appetit Occasion

A Happy Birthday Tablescape

A Happy Birthday Tablescape for All

Sand, Sun, Water, and Melon

How to Survive a “Not Going This Year” Beach Tablescape

Sure We Can!

The “Sure We Can!” Summer Table

How to Set a Table for All the Seasons

How to Set a Table for All the Seasons

Plate Stack

How to Farmhouse Style Your July Fourth Table

Loveless Cafe

What Scaped Our Table at the Loveless Cafe

July Fourth in Color

Patriotic Table in Color

The KISS Method

The KISS Tablescape Method

Magnolias on Pink and Gold

Magnolias on Pink and Gold – A Tablescape

Magnolia Blossom Memorial for Two

Magnolia Memorial for Two

Memorial Day Inspiration

Inspiring Your Memorial Day Gathering

Three French Hens - A Tablescape

Three French Hens – A Tablescape

Fruitful Bounty Tablescape

Fruitful Bounty Tablescape

Mother's Day Mix of China

Mother’s Day Mix of China

Table of Fish for a Day

Table of Fish for a Day

Place Setting

Give Your Table A Country View

Seashore Scape - Sorry, No Sally

A Seashore Scape – Sorry, No Sally

Bird Plate and Bird House

Set the Birds Free for A Spring Table Feast

Plastic Eggs Nested with Ribbon and Twine

Pink Tulips and Eggs for Easter

Quick Table Transformation for St. Patty's Day

Quick St. Patrick’s Day Table Transition

Oregano Bread and Butter Plate

The March Is On! Early Spring Tablescape

Place Setting

Breakfast Room Table of Elegance

Beatrix Potter Tea Set

Bunnies in Wonderland – A Tablescape

Lavender China Place Setting

Lavender and Lace

Avid Reader Valentine Table

Avid Reader Valentine Table

Plate Stack

PERFECT Perspective in a Tablescape

Valentine Dish of Sweets

Let Love Guide Your Life –
A Tablescape

Burlap Chargers Under Plate Stack

Sliding Through January on a Snow Flyer Tablescape

Woodsy Rustic Tablescape

Woodland Rustic Tablescape

Child-Like Magic

Child-Like Magic of Christmas – A Tablescape

Our Christmas Story Tablescape

Our Christmas Story Tablescape

Place Setting

Trees and Tartans
Christmas Table

Santa's List

Santa’s Roll Call Tablescape

Soup Servers

Visions of Sugar Plums

Thanksgiving of Brown and White

Giving Thanks on Brown and White

Place Setting

Thanksgiving Dining

Game Hunting

It’s All About
“The Game” Table

Place Setting

Pumpkin and Wheat Shock Table Decor for Fall

Squirrel and Acorn Place Setting

Acorns Away!

Glittery Pumpkin Decor

Sparkly Pumpkins for Fall Dining

Victorian S&P's

Navy, White, and Green (Apple) Tablescape

Fall Leaves Tablescape

Leaves Fall-ing on the Table

Plate Stack

Green Apples Aloft – A Fall Tablescape

place Setting

Summer to Fall Table of Transition

Bottled Coke for Fishing

Fall Fishing in Plaid

Rosie the Riveter - Labor Day Event

Rosie the Riveter
The Dinner Hour

Starfish Decor

Beach Escape

Place Setting

A Tablescape of Sunflowers

Plate Stack with DIY Tin

Table of Colors for July Fourth

Father's Day Tablescape

My Family’s Favorite Tablescape Ever!

Plate Stack

Flower Garden Tablescape

Plate Stack

Pool Party Table Minus the Pool

Chartreuse Accents Place Setting

Using Chartreuse in Table Decor

Grillin' Plates

“It’s Grillin’!”

Patriotic Porch Lunch

A Patriotic Table for Two

Real Things of Stars and Stripes

Real Things of Stars and Stripes Forever

Williams Sonoma Pasta Bowl

Pasta on the Porch

Tabletop of Green Highlights

Highlights of Green

A Garden Row Tablescape

A Garden Row Tablescape

Wooden Rabbit

A Tisket, A Tasket, Carrots in a Basket

Eggs in Insulators

Eggs Breaking Open for Sweet Tweets

Plate Stack

Chirping Into Spring

Pot of Gold

Finding the Gold

Antique Sewing Machine Drawers

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let Us Sew!

Vintage Tray Scape

A Vintage Tray Scape

Cup and Saucer

Peek Into Spring Tea

Bluebirds and Floral Print

Flowers are for Love Birds (and Valentines)

Roosters Galore

Rise and Shine!
(A Farm House Breakfast Tablescape)

Speaking Well To Our Mate

The Power – A Tablescape

Place Setting by the Fire

Fireside Table for Two

Christmas Sledding Tablescape

Imagining Snow at Christmas

Place Setting

Owls in Christmas Shawls

Oh Deer! A Tablescape of Reality @

Oh, Deer! A Tablescape of Reality

Tree on VW Van

Trees on Cars and “Christmas Vacation” – A Double-Nod Tablescape

Place Setting

Thanksgiving Dining on Tartan

Leaf Plate Close-up

Turkeys Marching Tablescape

Sleigh Bells and Rudolph

Seven Easy Tablescape Tweaks – Fall to Christmas

Place Setting

Seeds, Pods, and Pheasant Feathers – A Table of Texture

Squirrel and Napkin

Nuts About Squirrels

Dining Room Fan

Imagine Dining at Oak Alley Plantation

Place Setting

Table Trapped in Her Web

Fall Candy Corn

Tablescape of Candy Corn

Owl Plates from WalMart

Hoot Owls at Dusk Tablescape

Horse Apples and Sour Apples

Oh, Horse Apples! (A Tablescape)

Pink Plates

Late Summer Dining for Two

Green Apple Centerpiece

“Fall” Into Table Decor and Inspirations


HOT! Summer Table in the Cool Shade

Lemon Slice Calibrachoa

Summer Tables in Review

Family Baptismal Picture

Baptismal Sunday – A Poetic Tablescape

Plate Stack

July 4th Quilt Comfort

DIY Table Decor

Garden Party Tablescapes and “Serving Scapes”

Breakfast at the Farm - Table Ready

Breakfast at the Farm – Table Ready!

Timeless Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia Blossom – a Poem, a Tablescape

Memorial Table Plate Stack

Memorial Day Blessings

Outdoor Flatware

Gardening Tips Tablescape

Easter Table Plate Stack

All Things Easter

Lost China Lives - a Tablescape

Lost Lavender China Lives

Bookstack for Tablescape

Shades of Pale Tablescape

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Early Bird Tablescape

Lucky Shamrock Tablescape

Lucky Shamrock Tablescape

Chevron Navy and White Tablescape

Chevron (Finished!) Tablescape

"I Love You, Valentine" Tablescape

“I Love You, Valentine” Tablescape

Deer Sledding in the Snow

“Deer Sledding in the Snow” Winter Table

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice at Christmas

O Christmas Tree - a Tablescape

O Christmas Tree

White Christmas Dreaming

White Christmas Dreaming

Redbird-Inspired Christmas Tablescape

Redbirds on the Farm Christmas Table

Combination Thanksgiving and Egg Bowl Game Table

Combination Thanksgiving and Egg Bowl Tablescape

The Hunt Tablescape

The Hunt

Simplicity of Black and White

Basic Black and White Tablescape

Green Apple Fall Tablescape

Green Apple Tablescape for Fall

Bring in the Harvest

“Bring In The Harvest” Fall Tablescape

Blue on White Tablescape

Anytime Tablescape – Blue on White

Vegetable Bounty

Vegetable Bounty Tablescape

High Cotton Dining Table

High Cotton Tablescape

Firecracker Napkin Rings

Firecracker, Firecracker, Boom Boom Boom!!

All About the Blues Tablescape

Tablescape in Blues

Memorial Day Tablescape 2013

Tablescape Red, White, and Blue

The Color Purple Tablescape

The Color Purple Tablescape

Forsythia Centerpiece

Lemon-Inspired Tablescape

Piggly Wiggly China Debut

Piggly Wiggly China Debut

Flower Centerpiece

Flower-Inspired Tablescape

Dough Bowl Bird Nest

Spring Table Remix

Easter Bunny Table

Bunny Feet on the Table

Christmas Table 2012

Nostalgic Christmas Table