Euro Pleat Drapery Panels – Tutorial

Euro Pleat Panels

Do you remember seeing these drapery panels two weeks ago in New Bedroom Draperies – Phase One?  I made these window treatments for our bedroom and didn’t know exactly what to call them – because they’re different from the norm.

Have you seen pinch pleats with only two “pinches” before?

Nah…I thought not.

I made it up.  After seeing panels pinched at the top of the pleat in a magazine, I had my inspiration.

Euro Pleat Drapery Panels Tutorial @

The beginning portion of panel is covered in Panel Hem, Step One in Drapery Panel Construction and Panel Side Hems, Step Two in Drapery Panel Construction.   The next step is to sew the top portion of the panel.

Turn the panel’s top edge down 3-3/4″ (fold to the back side of fabric) and press.  Sew your buckram or pleater tape to that turned-down part along the fold.  I used pleater tape, but it will be hidden under the fabric, so buckram would have worked just as well.  (I didn’t have enough buckram on hand.)

Sewing Pleater Tape to Panel

After attaching the buckram or pleater tape to your window treatment, fold the entire flap over and press.

Pressing Panel Top Edge

Once pressed, sew the outer edge of the panel where it’s turned down.  I like to follow along the side hem stitch line.

Sewing Edges Closed

You’re ready to measure and mark the pleats with pins.

Measuring for Pleats

You’ll find specifics about pleat measurements in Pinch-Pleat Drapery Panels – Tutorial.

Pleats Marked

Sew the pinned pleats 2″ from the edge in a straight line to the edge.  This forms the back side of the pleat.

Sew Pleat Seams

Next, you want to open each pleat and flatten it open.

Folding Drapery Pleat

Do you ever alter your plans mid-project?   While pinching these pleats, three pleats (called a two-finger pleat) were too bunched up to sew easily.  The pleater tape and three layers of fabric turns out to be very thick!  So, I just folded it to form a double pleat.

Folding Pinch Pleats

I can’t explain it.  It was just a whim.  They won’t be “right” in the view of the experts.  Sometimes you have to try new things – and, voila!.  A new invention is born.

Sew along the upper edge of each folded pleat.

Sewing Folded Pleats

I don’t think these pleats merit a patent or anything like that.  I’ll even allow you to copy me if you like the look.  Surely, there’s someone else in the world who has tried this.  Someone sort of anti-establishment.  Someone living on the edge.

Sewn Pleats

Or, it could be someone like me, who just had a change of plans mid-stream – just to be a little different.

Drapery Double Pleat

With clip rings on your valance, installation is very easy.

Bedroom Draperies - Phase One

I’ll cover installing rods later this week, y’all. 🙂

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  1. Sheryll & Critters. says

    Another fabulous instruction….. and I too remember not being able to sew through those traditional 3 pleats…. ugh, and only accomplished doing it …. by hand and with a leather needle and much ouch and retries, even with a good thimble. “I love your way SO much better!!!”

    I seem to stay a lot behind on stuff…… so I will say that I may not always comment, but I will try to read….. might be very late though.

    • Kim Hood says

      Thank you, Sheryll. I appreciate you reading faithfully! I love getting your comments but I also understand it’s hard to do it all the time. 🙂 I’m glad you can relate to my issues with the three pleats.

  2. says

    Beautiful Kim, your patience is inspiring to me~I tend to just plow through, I don’t think I could ever do this~ your room looks fantastic! the white against the blue is so pretty!

    • Kim Hood says

      Thank you. HH’s favorite color is blue, so I decided his bedroom can at least have blue walls – even though he lives with flowery shades. lol!

  3. Christine says

    Lovely. I like how clean and unfussy this pleat is. It really looks smooth and perfect for delicate and bulky fabrics!
    Thanks for sharing, you wild thing you.