Early Bird Tablescape

I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t mention worms in the title of a tablescape.  To be polite, I left out that part.

I’m participating in Cuisine Kathleen’s Birds~Nests~Eggs Table challenge.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Are you an early bird?  An early riser?

Bird From Mom #2

I confess – I am.  I don’t like worms, so I’ll stick with watching birds get the worms early in the morning.

Table Decor End View

We have birds nesting on top of our back porch fan again this year.

Centerpiece Collection

Mama bird sits on her nest, keeping her eggs warm.  This nest and eggs are the real thing – left in an abandoned bird house out back.

Momma Bird and Eggs

Daddy bird hovers nearby, just like the real one from the “fan family”.

Daddy Bird Hovering

Beyond the back porch, blue birds are nesting in a bird house nailed to the south pasture fence.  Baby blue birds will be hatching soon.

I hope the horses don’t get too interested.  Not that they eat birds, but they completely destroyed a bird house I’d nailed outside the north pasture fence last summer.  Playing with it, mouthing it, pushing on it…being horses.

I made these babies last year.  Aren’t they sweet?

DIY Baby Bluebirds

If you’d like to make a nest of baby birds, visit this Baby Bluebirds Tutorial.  Your children or grandchildren would love to help you.  Because there is paint involved. 😉

Hints of blue here and there repeat the baby bird color.  Painter Artist Mom’s blue china (Syracuse Meadow Breeze) brings blue to the plate stack.

Place Setting

The blue napkin rings have a string of birds around them.  I printed them from The Graphics Fairy.

Printed Bird Napkin Rings

Kindergarten safety scissors with the waffle blade did an OK job on the edges.  But not great.

Bird Napkin Rings

It sort of gives the card stock a torn look, which is elementary rustic…shabby.

Close-up of Bird Napkin Ring

The bamboo place mats are from Dollar Tree.  The gray stemware is, too.  I mentioned in my last tablescape post that I’m surprised how much I use these glasses.  I truly had not planned to use them for this table.

Gray Stemware

But, the smokey gray again seems perfect – this time with the tablecloth.

Early Bird Table Cloth

I bought 2-1/2 yards of this bird fabric a couple of weeks ago for some bedroom shams.  The fabric just wasn’t right when I put it in the room, so it became a tablecloth.

Birds of all ages and stages were gathered from inside and out.

Concrete Birds

The green fiesta plates came from an antique store nearby.  I don’t think they’re antique, though.

Green Fiesta Plate

The Big-Bird-yellow chargers came from the same antique store.

Yellow Charger

The silverware is the set that matches PAM’s (Painter Artist Mom’s) china.

Table Corner View

Do you like to mix all sorts of colors and styles, eras even?  Don’t you think birds go with anything – and everything?

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  1. says

    Wow, a tablecloth with birds too! Great idea on the napkins! Very pretty table and wonderful entry for the challenge. No, I am not an early bird. After having to be up at the crack of dawn for 33 years, I sleep till 9 now, and stay up till 1! So I am now a different kind of bird, a night OWL!
    So good to have you take the challenge!

    • Kim says

      Thank you, Kathleen. I married a different kind of bird – a night owl, like you. Someday maybe I’ll morph into one. 🙂 Thank you for hosting the fun challenge!

  2. says

    Worms! Ugh!!! I am very careful, however, to very gingerly move earthworms from the path of my spade when digging to plant flowers. I just think they’re so innocent. I hate the thought of birds gulping them down, so I try to hide them in mounds of dirt elsewhere. Silly, huh?

    You’ve created a beautiful Spring tablescape, Kim! The tablecloth alone is worth a million bucks for what it does for this setting!!! Sometimes things just work out that way. I hope you’ve been able to find an alternative fabric for the shams that will work just as well in that bedroom as this fabric does on the table.

    GREAT job with the napkin rings!!! That’s a really cool way to bring color and whimsy to the table!

    I AM an early riser. Always have been. I have my days when I sleep in, but it’s usually because I’ve had a rotten night’s sleep or don’t feel well. I am compelled to get up before dawn to get Ramon off to the hospital. He starts seeing patients early AND it’s a 2-hour drive. Not a good combination!
    Alycia Nichols recently posted…Spring GreenMy Profile

    • Kim says

      A 2-hour commute must be a nightmare!! I cannot imagine. You’re funny to protect the worms. I’ve heard they re-grow after you slice through them. I wonder if that makes two worms then? Ha! I have not found replacement fabric for the shams, sad to say. I’m going tomorrow to look again. (Fingers crossed!) Thanks for your valuable input, Alycia! 🙂

  3. says

    Love your table, Kim…it is sad the nest and eggs were abandoned…the nests I used had all blown from the trees, no eggs were nearby, though. Those yellow chargers are fantastic!

    • Kim says

      Thank you very much. So much can happen with birds and animals. Sometimes our dog catches birds. I hate that. I found the yellow chargers at an antique store. One has a bottom that is “bubbled up”, causing the plate to teeter a bit. Not too practical for eating! 🙂

  4. says

    Kim, I love the centerpiece on your wonderful Spring table. The tablecloth is perfect for Kathleen’s challenge. The bird pattern and the subtle colors compliment the china beautifully. The aged beauty from the birds of all ages are wonderful too. Have a wonderful weekend….. Candy
    Candy S recently posted…Spring Flowers TablescapeMy Profile