Do You Not See It?

As I shared earlier this week, during my leg/ankle issues I wondered if God had a big change in mind.  Was He taking me to something new?

Isaiah 43:19

Change can be scary.  Are you facing a change?  Maybe a change in this new year?

Sometimes changes are sudden, even unexpected.  Those types of changes can be so hard!  But, we are assured that God has already begun His work in those changes.

God’s in our new pathway already, preparing our way.

Let’s look at the entire verse.

For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun!
Do you not see it?  I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.  (Isaiah 43:19)

Does that comfort you?

…a pathway through the wilderness…

…rivers in the dry wasteland…

God is there to guide us through each change.  He provides for our pathway and our sustenance in it, our rivers.  What assurance!

You may have noticed comments on posts now and then by Mrs. Libba Criddle.  She was a fellow church member and was always such an encouragement to others, including me.

On New Year’s eve afternoon, HH received a text that Mrs. Criddle had died suddenly just shortly before.

She hadn’t been ill, and there was no warning, health-wise.  She just slumped over and quit breathing.  Done.  She endured no suffering.  What a blessing!  If given a choice, that’s how I’d want to go.

Ponder that for a minute, would you?  What would it be like to quietly check out of this world and meet Jesus?

While I’ll miss Mrs. Criddle, I’d never ask her to give up her new location.  She’s in heaven with the Lord – hallelujah!

Her family is suffering, and they have a sudden change, a new pathway through a wilderness of grief.  God is faithful, and He will see them through, providing His rivers along the way.  Her husband acknowledges rivers already, beginning immediately after her passing.  What a confirmation of God’s steadfast love and His comfort.

Perhaps you or your family members are facing a change, a hardship, or pain.  Watch for the Lord’s direction, the rivers He’ll provide along the way.

Let’s also consider good changes we encounter.  Good or bad, there’s unfamiliarity in it…new steps in the new pathway.  We make careful choices as we take the new steps.

Sometimes we don’t recognize what God’s doing right away.  The verse asks,

Do you not see it?

All we must do is wait and watch.  God is always doing something new.  Are you aware of it?  Do you not see it?









  1. robin says

    Family friends lost a loved one yesterday. Our friend’s sister had a sudden and very severe stroke. Her brainstem was not responding so she was put on life support. They were going to keep her on life support until all her family could get there to say goodbye. They decided against it. They probably had a pow-wow over the phone. She lived in VA…6 hrs from us. Her family is HUGE and it didn’t make sense for all those people to travel there, say goodbye, travel home, then travel back for a funeral… winter yet…with snow.

    So THAT was a huge unexpected change.

    I had only met this woman once…last summer….at a baby shower. I said, “You remind me of Bernie Mac…you could have a sitcom.” She had his same kind of humor.

    I found out today, that when she was young, and a member of our church, she was the only teen to travel for missions…she went to Brazil. They had taken up a collection to send her. I wouldn’t have pinned her for the type to go do that. You never know who people really are….their true heart.

    My friend is 26. She lost her favorite aunt. But she knows where she is and doesn’t blame her for wanting to stay there! 🙂

    The funeral will be over 6 hrs away. I hope the weather improves for that trip.

    At our house…unexpected things are not real big… sleeping in this snowy Saturday with no choir practice….instead, a trip to the vet in the snowstorm for a dog who couldn’t sit. We all thought it was just his anal glands being full. Now that that is done, it’s obvious now he has a hurt leg. Trying to jump into the car being overweight, perhaps? That was MY fault. (But he has lost 2 pounds in a few weeks!!!) So tomorrow instead of my visit to the headache ctr (yrly) I will be at the vet. I pray this is a minor thing. He is a sad sack who wont eat or drink unless it’s in the palm of a human hand. Your leg hurts so you cannot stick your face in the bowl? And now you have an aversion to stainless steel bowls?Really hurting or just milking it for sympathy?? We all know someone who makes a small sickness or injury into a deathly disease or a severed limb. HA! We shall see tomorrow.

    One good thing…since I will not be traveling to PA to the doc…and I probably won’t get an appointment for 6 months….at least my yearly appt will be in warmer weather and I won’t have SNOW issues. I didn’t want to drive over there after a snowstorm…again. The streets in Philly are a mess and a bit more dangerous to navigate…not to mention that it would take a lot longer to get where I need to go with not as many lanes available due to snow piles.

    • says

      That’s awful, Robin. I’m so sorry about your friend. The thought of her in heaven now brings peace, doesn’t it, when nothing else will? I sometimes forget that you all are covered up with snow most of the winter. It would stop the world from going ’round here in the south. Having the proper equipment helps, I guess. I hope Quincy’s issue is only something minor!