Do Pumpkins and Squash Inspire You For Fall?

I didn’t mention in my tablescape post yesterday where I got the squash.  My cousin gave us the butternut squash when we visited her home for our Labor Day weekend family reunion.

She and her husband have such a great garden, home, and acreage.  This is the load of squash she had after  I took five to the car to take home.

Butternut Squash

Later, cousin Hollye shared pictures from a market she visited last week in Lewisburg, Tennessee.  Aren’t they beautiful and colorful?  If you live within driving distance, it looks like it would be worth the trip.

Lewisburg, TN, Market

I don’t know about you, but I adore blue pumpkins!

Lewisburg, TN, Market

If you weren’t in the mood for fall, maybe you are now!

Lewisburg, TN, Market

Seeing all these make me motivated to gather a collection for our farmhouse porch goat wagon like I did three years ago.  Gee…has it really been that long?

Fall Farmhouse Porch

Fall Farmhouse Porch Decor

I’d forgotten how much fun it was to decorate that year.  I think I’m in the mood to do it again – or something similar.  What about you?

Are you thinking of adding pumpkins, squash, and gourds to your porch for fall?  Or, did you do that already?










  1. robin says

    My daughter and I LOVE gourds. Even the “pimply” ones…they do look gross but we can’t help but like them. We used to put pumpkins, hay, and cornstalks out at our other house. Now I can’t put anything on the front porch, really…it’s screened in so you can’t see it AND we don’t want to attract any animals!! I had enough with that dopey bird. ha! We do all our decorating inside. Gourds and all! When I added a coat rack to the entrance wall I added a shelf for decorations. We have a dresser (temporarily) in the DR, that gets decorated, and also the top of the china closet. And, of course, my massive mantel.

    Yesterday the AC was not blowing after the ducts were cleaned. The blower was blowing in the basement, and it was cold. Nobody could figure out what it was. The HVAC guys had already left. When the mold guys called them they got directions on what to check. Nothing worked. The HVAC guy said it really was not their problem. (It worked BEFORE they turned it off and cleaned it.) The air was blowing out of ONE vent in the bedroom but no others. My hubby and I were stumped…and calling people. I was hot and had a migraine from the heat. It was only about 80. But I can’t do stuffy warm houses. I had to sit under the fan doing nothing.

    Then the unexpected happened. The HVAC “helper” guy (young guy, early 20s) shows up at the door!!! He said, “Long time no see. I want to try something.” He went downstairs and took off a panel and wiggled the filter, as per my hubby. WHALA! It worked! He said,”Have a blessed night” as he left. A BELIEVER! OF COURSE! GOD SENT HIM! It took him FIVE minutes to fix it.

    He must have told the boss he wanted to come back to try to fix it. The boss said,”It’s not our problem.”He told us, “I told my boss I THOUGHT I left my keys there. (To get the address, I am assuming) And that is the story if anybody asks.” LOL! (In the Bible it says David played “crazy” at one point, to save his life. So I guess God said it was ok for the HVAC guy to tell his boss he THOUGHT he left his keys here in order to come back. )

    He lives about 35 minutes (via highway doing 65 MPH) from us. He came all that way! WOW! Come to find out his GF’s dad is a Pastor in the town I lived in….and my son went to Vacation Bible School at that church when he was 4.

    The Lord works in mysterious ways!!!

    • says

      Sounds like you have several great places to decorate inside. Thanks for sharing your God story. It’s a wonderful testimony of God’s care for us. 🙂