Vintage Scarf Button DIY

We’re venturing into uncharted waters today, friends.  I’ve not discussed anything fashion-related with you before.  Please don’t be afraid (or “afeared”, as I like to say).  This post is just a tip-toe into a new use for vintage buttons.  And, it’s going to be fun!

A friend and I shopped a few weeks ago and stocked up on several clothing items and scarves.  I don’t know what I was thinking!  I love scarves.  Through the years, I’ve only collected about a thousand (slight exaggeration), so I don’t need  any more.  Not one more.  Nada.

Besides the quantity factor, these days of “power surges” aren’t conducive to wearing a scarf.  When I decide to be fashionable and wear one anyway, it’s on and then off, on and then off…you get it, right?  I’ve learned to wear them hanging extremely loose.  Still not ideal, but it’s better than hugging  around my neck.

The day of our shopping, I bought an infinity scarf, which as you probably know, is one huge loop.  No neck-hugging there.  I wanted to dress it up with something unique and different.

Vintage Scarf Button DIY

After I decided the what (my grandmother’s vintage button), the question was how.

Get ready…it’s so ordinary,  not fancy at all.

It’s not rocket science.  Anyone can do it.   And everyone has the tool.  Who doesn’t have at least a couple of leftover twist-ties in a kitchen drawer?

Infinity Scarf Button

To turn a vintage button into a scarf button, simply insert a twist tie through the thread holes in the button.

Twist Tie in Button Holes

Gather the scarf, wrap the twist tie around, and twist the ends together.  Can you believe I just said that?  As if you needed me to tell you how to do something so easy!

Twist Tie Around Scarf

You may have even done this before.  It’s new to me, though, since I’ve never used an old button this way.

Vintage Scarf Button

The twist-tie stayed intact all day, even with all the removing and replacing over my head.

Power surges are so much fun. :-/

Hot Flash Sign

Do you wear scarves often?  Do you have power surges, too?  (If you do, I’m so sorry!)

See?  Wasn’t that fun?


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  1. Robin says

    You made me laugh so hard with the power surge thing! LOL
    More on that in a sec….

    The button on the scarf idea is WAY COOL!
    I like scarves. But I only wear a winter one when it is REALLY cold. Here is why I don’t do fashion scarves…

    I do not have the “power surges” that happen “at a certain age”… BUT…
    I had an unusual reaction to an acne medication (Accutane) YEARS ago, which left me with the inability to cool off once I get hot. It is basically the same as a power surge. But I do not break out in a sweat. The med was supposed to cut off the sweat glands from sweating in order to get rid of the acne WHILE I WAS ON IT. What it did was mess up my ability to sweat like a normal person after that. :-/
    And sweating is how we cool down, right? I only sweat bad when I am out in the heat. (Then I get dehydrated FAST.) Barely a drop any other time. And usually on my lower back when I do…EW. LOL

    My surges come when I get too warm. I say “my thermostat is a bit off kilter”. LOL
    So HEAT is not my friend in summer. A toasty room with no air circulation is my nemesis. LOL
    Wearing a winter coat then going into a store…recipe for disaster. LOL

    I get hot, start to feel a bit “stifled”, like in a hot crowded elevator. Sometimes feel I am going to hyperventilate, or have an asthma attack due to the lack of air circulation…and then the fun part…the top of my head starts to feel like it is gonna pop off. Yes, I feel like I am gonna “blow my top” (one of my mom’s fave phrases when we were kids. LOL)

    I then get a migraine. And then I have to take Zomig, which has a wonderful side effect….it makes you HOT! LOL Then, on occasion, does my shoddy “sweat system” sorta kick in and I get clammy. Yuck.

    The ladies at my church are all older and most are having the surges. So they tell me I am in denial. WHAT-ever! (As my daughter says.LOL) I have been “surging” since I was in my late 20s! And after my daughter was born, when I was 35, my thyroid was so outa whack that IT was making me surge as well.

    My mom and I were surging together! hahaha
    I am guessing that menopause will probably be like any other day in my world!! LOLOLOL

    I wanted to mention last week’s GROUND HOG again. After yesterday’s FINE weather I thought “He sure did know something!” LOL They come out looking for a mate…so he was out huntin’ down the mother of his future kids! hahaha

    That is nice…as long as he stays OVER THERE and does not venture down MY STREET. I have yet to see my husband’s NEMESIS…aka Mr. Groundhog from the farm behind us. I am hoping he either:

    1. is planning a life of CELIBACY after we caught his wife and kid (I’m guessing here) and took them to the reserve. hahahaha or
    2. MOVED. 😀

    • says

      Wow, Robin, you won’t even notice when the hot flashes set in! You definitely have reasons to avoid wearing scarves. That’s the thing about medicine…we never know for sure what side effects will occur. I can’t imagine having permanent hot flashes! It’s heating up here. How about there? Is it time to get out the fans?

      • Robin says

        YES! It was 60 degrees here yesterday afternoon! Whooohooo!

        Now to get my “heap” of crafts/miscellaneous/junk (that was piled up so we could paint the basement walls) UN-heaped and sorted out so I can get to the tubs of SPRING clothes. OY.

        It’s always somethin…..hahaha

        • says

          Yes, I’m feeling the squeeze, too. Time’s running out for indoor winter projects. I hope you get your projects lined up. 🙂

  2. says

    Hi Kim,
    This is so funny. I think my power surges are starting to diminish. I am using my patches less and less. Which is great, because it can be very warm down here in Florida and “power surges” can be difficult to deal with.
    Have a great week and I hope they are power surge free.
    P.S. I love the button tie for the scarf, it’s really cute.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above recently posted…GroopDealz is now Eleventh AvenueMy Profile

    • says

      I’m jealous! It’s been 2 years for me, and I’m ready for the surges to be over, for sure. I hope things are going well for you. 🙂