DIY Jeweled Candles

Have I mentioned how I love to use scarves as table toppers, runners, or anything that needs a little color around the house?  Do you like to find dual purposes for things, too?

A candle I saw in a store recently sparked a couple of candle updates of my own – using jewelry.

This is one anyone can do quickly and easily.  I’m sure you’ve got an old stretchy bracelet or two taking up space in your jewelry stash.

Stretchy Bracelet

I might have eventually worn this bracelet, but not now that it’s in use elsewhere.

Bracelet Adorned Candle

For now, it’s upstairs in one of the bathrooms I updated last fall.  Remember these candles from Bathroom Changes for Major Impact?  A little more fun…extra bling….

Jeweled Candles

The other candle change involves a piece of chicken wire and pliers.  I pulled out three pieces of jewelry to test the different choices.

Candle DIY Supplies

Chicken wire may not be something everyone has stashed away in their garage.  I’ll be happy to share.  🙂

I wish I’d taken a picture of the candle I saw in the store.  It was a big, chunky candle, but I’m using a smaller cheapie from Wally World.  I have no need  right now for a big, chunky candle.

Roll the wire to get it bent into the shape of your candle, then wrap it around the candle.  Stick the overlapping prong ends under  the wires and bend the tips out and over them.  Mash it down really well so the prongs won’t stick you.

Chicken Wire Attachment

The other ends are trapped under the wire.  You could bend those with needle-nose pliers if you find any single pair of those pliers in your entire house – hint, hint.  (I now have a brand new pair of those guys under lock and key!)

Chicken Wire Wrap

The top bar of wire sticking out was perfect for hanging the owl scarf loop.

Scarf Loop on Wire

Here’s the front view.

DIY Owl Candle

It’s random, I know.  Who ever heard of chicken wire on a candle and an owl for adornment?

I don’t know, but who ever heard of an antique sewing cabinet foyer table, either?  There’s that Pom-Pom Initial from last week.  Aren’t I full of surprises?

Sewing Machine Foyer Table

With my recent interest in sewing machine drawers, I decided to move this piece to this new spot.

Sewing Cabinet Table Decor

Using things in new ways freshens things up, helps us make full use of what we have on hand.  Family pieces bring back special memories and give our homes a certain warmth.

What family pieces do you need to enjoy more fully?  Oh, and the candles…do you have stretchy bracelets to use for candles – or chicken wire and extra jewelry?

In what new ways do you use older things?


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  1. Lyn says

    I had never thought of a bracelet around a candle. I have lots of them and I really do not like wearing them, so I am going to re-purpose them. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I love the candles and the old sewing machine. I first learned to sew on a Necchi when I was …… well never mind how old I was….. but it was a beautiful machine in more ways than beauty. Then later in school I had the great pleasure of using an old foot peddled one… loved that machine also. They always made the most beautiful straight stites…. no zig zag back then, but oh my, they were wonderful. My Singer is the one I got after high school and have always loved it.

    • says

      I used this machine for “play” as a child, and I don’t remember sewing with it for real. It probably works, but there is a belt that I would need to replace. The old one dry-rotted, of course. I’ve never heard of a Necchi, but Singer is a name everyone in my generation recognizes. It’s been around a long time!

    • says

      Thanks, Jenna. I’ve searched all my stashes, too, and I have many broken necklaces to use for all sorts of things. The possibilities are endless. 🙂

  3. says

    Those are great ideas for the candles. The stretchy bracelet really dresses it up nicely! Love the chicken wire idea and the owl hanging on it is too cute. You found a nice spot for the old sewing machine. 🙂 I tried my antique sewing machine a long time ago in a different house. I had a big Boston fern setting on it which covered up the top that is in poor condition.

  4. Karen says

    I don’t have a foyer but I have an antique singer-sans the machine-being restored. Can’t wait to find a special place for it! Let us know when tours of your home begin! 😉

    • says

      Ha. That’s funny. Come by anytime and you’ll see things not so perfect but liveable! Please let me know where you decide to put your sewing cabinet. 🙂