Flower Pot Prep Tips

The weather has been very warm this week.  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow…

I got outside and prepped a few flower pots for plantings.  When Spring happens, I want to be ready!  Aren’t we all ready for Spring, after the winter we’ve had?

I bought a pack of diapers last week, along with a huge bag of potting soil and fresh liners for these hanging pots.

Potting Tips

What do diapers have to do with potting plants?

I learned recently that if you line your pots with diapers, you won’t have to water as often during the hot, dry days of summer.

Trimming Diapers to Fit Pots

I tried to find diapers without the elastic sides, but I didn’t find any.  None.  Diapers have really changed over the last 20 years, I guess.  Or, maybe you can tell me where to find diapers without elastic.

Anyway, I was forced to get the elastic band diapers. I trimmed the elastic from one edge, and it curves easily around the pot edge.  Nice!

Diaper-Lined Flower Pot

If you buy a large package of smaller size diapers, you can use them for small or large pots.  With the diapers lined around the sides, the center is open for good drainage.

Filling Pot with Dirt

I filled the pot with dirt, but not all the way yet.  I’m saving room for my plants to go in there.  I can add more dirt later.

Flower Pots Ready for Spring

Two down, twenty more to go…        (OK, well, maybe not that many.)

I also prepped two large pots and decided to empty them, re-pack them, and add the diapers.  This is a picture of one last year soon after planting with flowers.  It’s the side entrance by the garage, so I always try to have it colorful (except during winter).

Flowers Potted in Spring

By the way, when you live in the country, a boot scraper is a must.  Mr. Snail (above) lost his boot brush, but he serves us well for scraping.  (He fits right in with our shady-side slug problem.)

For really large pots, I like to fill them with something other than soil part of the way.  For only seasonal plants, you don’t need deep dirt for deep roots.  Begin by adding bricks or rocks in the bottom.

Bricks in Large Pot

The next layer is a small trash bag filled with packing peanuts.  The light weight of the peanuts is off-set by the bricks.  Without bricks to hold it down, our pots would go flying in our strong winds.

Packing Peanuts in Pot

I add landscaping cloth to the bottom of my pots.  You know, the stuff you use for lining bush beds to prevent weed growth.  I recycled the landscape fabric piece from this large pot.

Landscaping Fabric Liner

Oh, and here’s another tip.  For small pots, use coffee filters as liners.

Coffee Filter Pot Liners

Whether you use landscape fabric or coffee filters, it keeps the dirt from clogging drainage holes in the bottom of the pot.

Next up?  The diapers.  It seems like the diapers are close to the top of the pot, but it’s a picture illusion, I guess.

Diapers Lining Large Pot

The final layer, of course, is dirt.  I’ve done it again, y’all – no picture.  About 8″ of dirt filled my pot.

It feels so good to get started with Spring projects!

Will it be warm at your house this weekend?  Do you plan to get outside and enjoy it?  Will you do a little digging or prepping?

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  1. vicky says

    How clever are you. Diapers? Except for Showers I thought I would never have to buy them again. Can’t wait to tell my friends. Thanks for the tip.

    • Kim says

      I thought so, too, Vicky. It’ll be fun to see the difference with diapers in the flower pots, won’t it?

  2. says

    I knew about the coffee filters, but your diaper tip is wonderful. I will be buying some diapers. When the weather warms up our patio plants dry out so fast that they really get stressed. I have been looking for a way to not overwater.

    • Kim says

      Yes, and a large pack of the cheapies go a long way. Good luck with not over-watering. This should help. 🙂

  3. says

    Kim, I have never heard of using diapers. Hmmmmm. All the other tricks I have used. Instead of peanuts, I usually use the plastic pots and trays that my plants come in to fill my large containers. I allow for the dirt to fill in the spaces and give my large plants room to root deep. Don’t you love that there are so many ideas to container planting? It’s my favorite type of gardening.

    Thanks for sharing all your terrific planting ideas at Project Inspire{d}!!

    • Kim says

      I love that idea! I’ll never throw away another plastic container again! 🙂 Thank you, Diane.