DIY Pom-Pom Valentine Wreath

DIY Pom-Pom Valentine Wreath

I made pom-pom scarves in several colors last year.  The scarves were very quick and easy to make.  If you only know a little about crochet, you can do this!  Every stitch is a single crochet – one time down the length of the scarf, and then back up again.  Single crochet.

What does making scarves have to do with this valentine wreath?

Please don’t think I’m crazy, but I used one of my scarves to make the wreath.  I’d like to show you how you can, too.

Here are the scarves I made last year.  (The pink one was made later, so it isn’t in the picture.)

Click the picture to visit the post and check out how to make the scarf.

Crochet a Fun Scarf in an Hour

Crochet a Fun Scarf in One Hour

Once you crochet the scarf, you need a regular wire hanger to make your wreath form.  But, I know you’ll be tempted to wear the scarf first.  It’s OK.  Go ahead and wear it once (or twice), and then you can make your wreath.

Clothes Hanger

Snap the hook part off with wire cutters, just above the twisty part.  Fold the twisted stem down and bend the hanger into a heart shape, like this.  Don’t worry if it’s a little wonky (my made-up word, but it fits) and imperfect.  You’ll never know it when you’re finished.

Hanger Shaped into Heart

To form a tiny loop for hanging on a nail, grip each upper side of the wreath.  Push both sides together at the top of the heart.  You’ll see the first section of the twisted part opening and forming a gap for hanging your wreath.

Forming Hanger Loop

Beginning at the upper center of the heart, loop the scarf around the clothes hanger wire.  Those little droopy pom-poms on the yarn strands really hold things in place.  No need for glue.  (If you decide to glue it, keep in mind that you will never wear the scarf again.)

Wrapping Scarf Around Hanger

Continue wrapping the scarf around the heart loop until you meet your starting place.  To secure the scarf, twist-tie the ends together and to the wire stem – then fluff pom-poms to cover the twist-tie.

Here’s the wreath hanging in my kitchen.

DIY Heart Wreath

Isn’t it fun?  After Valentine’s Day, the heart wreath can be unwrapped and worn as a scarf again.  How great is that?

I have a history of using scarves in decorating.  Why not get double-duty out of things?

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  1. says

    Kim…this tops it all!! You are just toooo clever!!

    I’d love it if you’d share your fun Valentine’s Day wreath at Project Inspire{d}. The party goes live at 8:00 ET this Monday night. Hope you’ll pop by and link this post up and your “fabric matching” post as well. 😉

    Wishing you a week filled with extraordinary moments.

  2. Betty says

    Love this wreath. I don’t crochet but I really like this project. Do you think I could just use pompom trim? (btw, wonky is a word used by the Brits for many, many years :))

    • Kim Hood says

      Thank you! Maybe if you knot the trim together somehow, it will work. Let me know if you find something that works well. Other readers who don’t crochet might like to know how it can be done. Good luck! 🙂