DIY Old Shutter Magazine Rack

Shutter DIY Magazine Rack

Are you a magazine stacker?  Through the years, I’ve stashed many in baskets and pots, on coffee tables, and anywhere else I can imagine.  Recently, I found a new way to keep current magazines in clear view without taking table space or bulging my baskets.

Several months ago, a friend gave me two old and partially rotten shutters.  Here’s the one that was too far gone to do much with.  It had the most damage – more rotten wood and more slats falling out.

Rotten Shutter in Barn

It adds a little extra dimension to our sign and license plate wall in the barn.  The best part was it needed no prep work.  Things in a barn are supposed to be grungy, right?  Well, this shutter was certainly that!

I searched my picture archives for photos of the before and during transformation of my magazine rack shutter.  I think the cat ate them.  (Except we don’t actually have a cat.)

I guess I can tell you what I did without pictures.  This truly was a trash to treasure project.  First thing was to clean the old shutter very well.  Dirt dauber nests, spider webs, all kinds of ick to make a girl cringe.  Who needs a picture of that, right?

Bottom Board Added to Shutter

To make the shutter stand up, I screwed a piece of 1″ x 4″ board to the bottom edge and added a scrap of decorative trim along the front.  (The trim piece was left over from the Mantel Reno – Flat Screen Wires Hidden.)

Trim Added to Shutter

I found the scrap trim in our attic above the garage.  Better known as the forbidden zone.  You’d never go up there unless you live here and have to find something you couldn’t locate in the garage or barn.

Need a tomato cage, garden stake, old baseballs or bats?  Or, maybe some old tile or roofing shingles?  Can I interest you in some broken bag chairs?  (Any city dweller would be afraid amazed up there.)

I slathered on a heavy coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White (no wax, though).  Immediately, the old grungy shutter became clean and refreshed, ready for a new purpose.

Old Shutter Renovated

The shutter fits perfectly in this unused little corner.  Magazines are more enjoyable stretched out like this – so you can see which one to remove and peruse through during a hot tea break.  (In case you’re wondering, the tin owl was a gift from Mom 2 at Christmas – a fun addition for one of our porches.  With the high winds we’ve had this winter, Mrs. Owl remains inside until spring.)

I’m grateful for sharing friends who share their trash!  Next time you see an old shutter set out for the garbage truck, you might want to stop (quickly) and help yourself to a new magazine rack. 😉

Happy day, y’all!

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    • Kim Hood says

      Thank you, Alycia! I was surprised to find this teensy unused side of a cabinet – perfect fit. 🙂 Thanks for pinning, too.

    • Kim Hood says

      Thank you, Jenna! I also considered using it for jewelry – after seeing your closet wall transformation, of course. 😉

  1. says

    Oh you clever girl!!! You’ve done it again. I’ve seen these around blogland…but what a great idea to mount it next to your cabinet like that. 🙂 I think it might be fun to add to the library…er powder room. 😉 That’s always a tough spot for necessary reading material. 😉

    Thanks, Kim for sharing your rescued shutter come magazine rack at Project Inspire{d} –