Hobbling the Hobbled Shade – a Tutorial

Attaching Ring Tape for a Hobbled Shade

I hope you enjoyed a little break from sewing posts with the Chevron tablescape yesterday.  One more shade post to go (after this one), so please hang with me a little longer.  I realize all my readers aren’t as addicted to sewing as I am seamstresses, so I try to spread the sewing posts apart.

In my last shade post, “Ringing” a Standard Roman Shade, I discussed the ins and outs of attaching the rings required for standard shades.  Rather than only discussing rings for hobbled shades, we need to back things up a bit to the step of cutting out your shade.

The cut width is calculated the same as with a standard Roman shade, which is the desired finished width of your treatment plus 6″.  The cut length of the hobbled shade is 1-1/2 times the desired finished length plus 10 ” (for bottom hem and mounting header).

After cutting out your hobbled shade, visit The Sew-Simple Roman Shade post for the sewing instructions.  Then, return here for the tutorial of adding rings to your shade.

Ring tape. which is a flat strand of some sort of webbing with rings attached at 5″ intervals, is used for making hobbled shades.

Ring Tape

Throughout this post, you’ll see this shear tape as well as white tape.  I used the white tape I had on hand before re-stocking my supply with the shear.  I’ve found the shear to be just as strong, and there’s no worry of the tape shadowing through the shade.

I made my hobbled shades with deep hobble sections, so I skipped every other ring on the tape and used only the rings sewn 10″ apart.  You can make your hobbled shades using each ring along the tape at 5″ apart, if that’s the look you want.  Everything else we’re talking about here applies to either one.

Pinning Ring Tape

If your finished length is a number divided evenly with your ring placement (in our case 10″), it makes things simple.  Each section will be evenly spaced, as with my bedroom shades.

Bedroom Hobbled Shades

But, my bathroom shade was a different story.  See how the bottom section is more shallow than the others?

Bathroom Roman Shade

When you have a finished length not evenly divisible by your ring spacing, you need to decide where you want the smaller (or slightly larger) section – at the top or the bottom.  In my case, it was easier to begin marking the rings at full increments from the board line.

We’re using the 70″ finished measurement in our example today.  The 10″ tape sections will be placed at 15″ intervals along the length of the shade.  The extra 5″ is the part that cascades down for the droop.  I call it the “flop-over” – such a fancy term.

Hobbled Shade Flop-over

Mark the ring placement with pins, beginning from the bottom edge.  We’re not attaching the tape yet, just marking the locations with pins where we want the rings to be sewn.

The 10″ tape sections will be placed at 15″ intervals on the shade (1-1/2 x the ring spacing on ring tape).  The first pin is at the 10″ ring placement plus half the flop-over, in our case the extra 5″.  So, we mark for the first ring at 12-1/2″ from the bottom edge of the shade.  Begin by marking along one side hem of your shade.

Moving up the shade, each subsequent pin is placed at 15″ increments.  Repeat along the opposite side hem, and this is what you’ll have.

Hobbled Shade Outer Rings

Just as we did with the standard shade ring placement, stretch a measuring tape across from side hem to side hem.

Measuring Ring Placement

Since each ring column should be 8-10″ apart, divide your space between side hems evenly and pin each location along the row.

Pinning Ring Locations

Repeat for each set of side hem pins along the length of the shade.  Here is the hobbled shade marked for all the ring locations.

Hobbled Shade Ring Locations

Pin each column of the ring tape onto your shade at the marked locations.  This is what it will look like.

Ring Tape Pinned

Doesn’t it look like a mess?  Go ahead and sew a little stitch across the tape below each ring.  Match your thread to the front fabric as closely as possible.

Sewing Ring Tape

With a little tucking, your hobbled shade will lay smoothly for your pull cords to be strung through the rings.

Ring Tape Sewn

Next Roman shade post – “Stringing” Any Roman Shade – Tutorial.  You’ll see how to attach the shade to a board for hanging and how to string the pull cords through the rings for raising and lowering.  Oh, and the ribbing – we can’t forget the ribbing.

For those of you who are making a shade, I’m excited that you’re almost finished.  For those of you not interested at all in making a Roman or hobbled shade, I’m excited that you won’t be not reading any more sewing posts (for a little while, anyway). 😉

Blessings, y’all!

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