Easy French Cafe Curtain – Annie Sloan Inspired

I must confess, I’ve been hiding a secret…a café curtain I made all the way back in February.  Please forgive me for not sharing until now.

I was on a quest for a little more privacy because we have so many surprise visitors who come to  an occasional FedEx man visiting The Land of Making Do.  He pulls his tall delivery truck into the driveway and parks so that he can see right into this window.

French Cafe Curtain

On the chance that I am not prepared for visitors while dashing into the laundry room, I thought it would be best for ALL concerned to cover more of that window!

I’ll miss this dressy valance, but it is horribly sun-damaged on the back side these days.

Laundry Room Empire Valance

The Empire Valance

Remember me saying how Annie Sloan’s books inspire me?  You wouldn’t really know this by visiting my home, but I’m crazy about her painting, her sewing, her decor, everything.

The picture below is the window treatment from her Creating the French Look  book that inspired my casual café curtain.

Isn’t it beautiful?  Hers is more classy than my version, but if I were redecorating my dining room, this is the look I’d shoot for.

Annie Sloan Window Treatment

To get a better look or order this book*, click the picture below and follow the link to Amazon.com.

I used a fabric remnant I had on hand – a gauzy, light, lumpy, tucked, and airy fabric, and it was fairly close to the size I needed.

Measure your window to get your desired finished length, from 1″ above the sash rail to the sill.  You’ll want to hide your sash rail, so placing your rod about an inch or so above the rail should hide your window lock hardware nicely.

Figure your cut length measurement.

 Cut Length Measurement

desired finished length

+ 2″ for top and bottom finishing hems

+ 10″ for header (5″ folded over = 10″ total)

+ rod pocket depth needed for your rod.

The selvage edge looked fine for my casual look, so I didn’t hem the sides.  For your side hems, sew a simple turned edge just as I did with the following top and bottom hems.

Stitch a turned hem along the top and bottom edges as I demonstrated in 2 Easy Ways to Sew Table Linens.

Turned Edge Hems

For the flouncey header, fold down 10″, creating a 5″ header, plus your rod pocket depth.  Mark your stitch lines for the rod pocket with pins.  Your bottom stitch line should be at the hem you sewed along the top edge.  I have extra fabric because I was too lazy to cut it to size my fabric piece was a little longer than necessary, so I made up for the extra here.

Marking for Rod Pocket

My rod is a tiny tension rod – about 3/8″ thick, so the rod pocket needed to be small.  Yours might me as much as a couple of inches or so, depending on your rod depth.

Measure from the top rod pocket seam to the hem line, making sure it is level and equal to the finished length you desire.

Measuring for Level

Sew your rod pocket stitch lines along the pin locations.

Curtain Ready for Rod Pocket

No problem if you get “off” a little with your stitch line – gathered and flouncey hide any deviations.  Don’t you love sewing imperfect seams – and getting away with it?  Hee-hee…

That’s all there is to it.  Four seams!

When hanging your curtain, bend the header down and let it stick out in areas.  No need for ironing here!

I have a fresh-off-the press picture of the window with this café curtain – and the brand new No-Sew Vintage Valance.  It’s made from a vintage table-cloth with candlewick needlework.  The color and sheer factor matched the French café curtain pretty well.

Valance in Place

It’s a very different look than previously, I know.  After you see the laundry room reveal soon, you’ll understand.

Do you like the new casual look?  Do you think you’d like to make a French café curtain?

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  1. Sheryll & Critters. says

    I really love your new French cafe curtain and new valance.

    Looking forward to see the whole room now that you said you are doing it over. I hope I don’t miss it….. I am so behind in everything again…… well, not sure I have ‘ever caught up’ though.

    • says

      Thank you, Sheryll! I plan to publish the room reveal next week. If you miss it, you will find the post listed under “In My Home” in the Exhibits menu. 🙂

    • says

      Thanks, Cindy. The picture of only that end of the room looks very plain without any color. The remainder of the room looks colorful now. Can hardly wait to show you next week. 🙂

  2. Elaine says

    I love the look! have to look for a spot where I can try it……thanks for sharing, Elaine

    • says

      Thanks, Elaine. I have never really needed a cafe curtain, but now I’m loving this one so much, I’m tempted to add one in my kitchen. 🙂

    • says

      Thank you, Jenna. It looks plain in comparison to before, but I’m enjoying the entire room better now. I think you’ll really like her book! 🙂

    • says

      Thank you! I wonder what happened with my posts in your reader. Hmm… Let me know if I need to “fix” something.