DIY Cabinet Knob Cloche

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Last week while painting Tom Turkey to look like antique bisque, I included these two old brass cabinet knobs I had lying around.

Cabinet Knobs

It was just a whim with no plan in mind.  I knew I would use them on something eventually.  (Although, eventually  happened sooner than expected.)

A couple of days later, I stepped into our local Dollar Tree to find three more green stemmed glasses I needed to complete my set.  Who can go to Dollar Tree without strolling up and down each aisle to be sure you’re not missing something wonderful (and for only $1!)?  Are you with me on that?

I don’t know if these are vases, or what, but they caught my eye immediately.  The two painted knobs came to mind, so I took the glassware home to the Project Studio.

Dollar Tree Glassware

I roughed up the white knobs with sandpaper and searched for a glue that would hold well.  Yep, E-6000 is my favorite.

E6000 Glue

I squirted lots of glue in the knob stem and centered one on the bottom of each glass.

Centering Knob

The glue needs to dry a while, so over night worked well.  After the glue was set, I decided to add a natural element – twine.

Twine Ties

Every cloche needs a handle, right?  Why not put old cabinet knobs to good use?

Dollar Tree Cabinet Knob Dome

A dessert or salad plate works well as a base.

This was such a quick and easy project.  And cheap, too, which is my favorite part!

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      Hi, Linda. Welcome! I think you’ll be happy with your cloches if you make them. I’m prepared to get lots of mileage out of mine. 🙂