How to Capitalize on a Direct Sign to Relax

Spunky Daughter and I spent some time shopping Friday.  T. J. Maxx is usually a dangerous place for me.  (For HH, rather, since he handles the budget.  Wink.)

This sign at TJM caught my eye…and set off an explosion of relaxation-mode inspiration. Gee…can’t a girl rest?


Who can relax when we need to prepare pillows to relax against?  (Haha!  Spinning again…)

August Relaxation Pillow @

  1.  Measure your pillow and add an inch.Measure Pillow Form

  2.  Cut your fabric pieces for front and back.Measure Fabric and Cut Pillow PiecesPreparing Pillow Pieces

  3.  Stitch right sides together, leaving an opening for inverting.Sewing Pillow

  4.  Invert and insert pillow form.Stuffing Pillow

  5.   Stitch opening closed.Pinned Opening

  6.  Enjoy your new pillow!  Oh, and r e l a x…


Don’t forget the relaxation.  It’s the most important part.  😉

Did you know August is national relaxation month?  (We can learn so many new things while shopping.  Wink again!)

Monday blessings~











    • says

      I didn’t know, either, so we must both start relaxing TODAY! We don’t have much August left. I hope you have a relaxing Tuesday! 🙂

  1. Robin says

    I still haven’t made my big sofa back pillows. The sectional I HAD to have has a low back and was NOT a good decision. (That isn’t the only reason this couch was a BAD decision. But we aren’t going there. Lol) I sat on a love seat at the new dentist and aaaaah. It felt so good. So I got out my tape measure and measured the back pillows. This was the size I need for MY couch to be comfortable. Your post has inspired me to GET MOVING! on the pillows. Pillows really are easy to make. Now if I could find a place to cut my fabric. Lol Still can’t use the basement yet. My LR and DR are covered in thrift shop fabric that needs to be ironed, measured, and threads cut. I got some deals. 3 big plastic tubs of fabric for $5 a piece! I’m listing all of it on eBay. And it’s all VINTAGE! I’m seeing VIP prints and pillow panel motifs that I used to sell at JoAnn’s when I worked there in the late 80s and early 90s! Blast from the past! Lol. I really do love making pillows. I have a few fall ones to make for this year from fabric I bought last year. Now WHERE is it? Hahaha I’m usually better organized but this basement fiasco has thrown me off my game. Lol I love fall and am sooooo ready! Sept 1 my mantle is “going fall” I found a cute wood pumpkin thingy last week and I got a fall leaf shirt at Goodwill yesterday. And it was only a buck! We have buck deals on Sundays at the one Goodwilll. Whatever the 2 colors are for the day……only a buck! So my daughter got 2 dresses yesterday. We came home and she googled. The black one is crochet overlay and sells at Macy’s for $178. The other is a gown selling for $350! Jackpot! The gown is teal satin with chiffon overlay. It has a ton of fake stones at the neckline. It has a few grease spots on the chiffon and is a size 16. But I can clean the spots and alter the gown to a 6. She is going to be a sophomore. But she has her gown for the junior prom. That is MY baby! Lol ( I did the same thing for both proms. I got my dress on clearance the yr b4. I didn’t know WHO I was going with. I just knew I was going.) Nowadays they can go without a date if they want to. Back in the day u had to have a date. And it couldn’t be ur BFF girlfriend. It had to be a guy. Now they could care less. Lol back to my fabric explosion……lol

    • says

      It looks like you won’t have a relaxing August after all! I’m glad to have inspired you to make the cushions, but I’m also sorry you’ll now have no relaxation this month. Oh, well, we can rest when we’re dead! Ha! High five to your daughter for her prom dress scores! You both hit the jackpot, and I know you’ll adjust things to fit her just right. Your fall mantel sounds fun. I hope you can find your fall things in your currently-shuffled basement. Yikes, why do things like that have to happen at the wrong time? While you search your basement for fall, I hope your Tuesday is blessed!